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                                                              Topics for discussion (Темы для обсуждения)


About myself
My hobby

Holidays in your country
Sport in our life
Favorite movies and actors
Picture galleries and painters
Computers games
A job of your dreams
Social networks
The Internet
Books, magazines, newspapers
My family
My home (my room)
Your school and teachers (your institute/office)
Favorite subject in school
Your dreams and ambitions
Modern education
A picture of a modern man
Music, singers and concerts
Foreign languages
Your country (Russia)
My home town
Environment protection
Favorite writer
Favorite games
Household duties
Children and parents
Favorite dishes, cooking at home and restaurants
Health, doctors and hospitals
The jobs of the future
Doing business or working in a company
Life in a village and in a big city
Childhood and adulthood
New Year celebration
Clothes and fashion
Daily routine
Cars and
A house of your dreams



Standard topics for discussion at beginner level


  1. My family

  2. My friends

  3. My pets

  4. My hobbies

  5. Sport in my life

  6. Leisure time

  7. Computer games

  8. Favorite teachers in school

  9. Relationship with classmates/colleagues

  10. My office

  11. The office of my dreams

  12. My future (extra) education

  13. Foreign languages

  14. Moscow

  15. English speaking countries

  16. Weekends

  17. Ambitions

  18. Favorite films, books, writers and actors

  19. Favorite music & singers

  20. Parties

  21. Holidays & Trips

  22. Cars

  23. Clothes, hair style & fashion

  24. Your character & personality

  25. Qualities in people you like

  26. Qualities in people you dislike

  27. Big mistakes you made

  28. Your strengths & weaknesses

  29. Love & relationships

  30. Best things in your life

  31. Your flat/room

  32. Your brother/sister

  33. Museums, picture galleries, art exhibitions

  34. Whether, climate & seasons

  35. Life in a village (country house)

  36. Winter activities

  37. The job of your dreams

  38. What makes you happy

  39. Sweats, candies & cakes

  40. Likes & dislikes

  41. Favorite food, cuisines & restaurants

  42. Chat rooms & social networks

  43. Shopping, discounts, malls, etc

  44. Interest groups, social clubs, fan clubs in social networks

  45. Health, diets & fitness

  46. What does it means to live a full life for you?

  47. Self expression & self realization

  48. Your boss or director/class teacher

  49. Favorite games

  50. Addictions (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes)

  51. What would you like to change in our country?

  52. What do you like/dislike about foreign countries you have been to?

  53. How to be successful?

  54. Family in your life

  55. Children/parents

  56. Daily routine

  57. Own business or work in a company

  58. Theaters & cinemas

  59. Going out

  60. Nature, parks, forests & animals

  61. Politics

  62. Medical service in our hospitals

  63. Education in our schools & universities

  64. Explain the difference between a house and a home

  65. Neighbors

  66. Presents

  67. Night clubs

  68. Being a star

  69. Military service

  70. The Internet

  71. The portable devices: cell phones, I Pads, etc.

  72. Communication

  73. TV

  74. Cooking

  75. Household duties

  76. Entertainments

  77. Creativity

  78. Family budget

  79. Your job/studies

  80. Current global problems

  81. Problems of your city

  82. Marriage

  83. Modern social, political, cultural trends

  84. Being an egoist

  85. Being an activist

  86. Being a pessimist/optimist

  87. Saving money for a black day

  88. Investments

  89. Environments protection

  90. Religion in the modern world

  91. McDonald's

  92. Being a leader or a follower

  93. Sea resorts

  94. The 21st century (difference with previous centuries)

  95. Modern technologies

  96. Modern diseases

  97. Stress in our life

  98. Life style of a modern man

  99. Office life/school life

  100. Describe yourself


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