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1. If a robber breaks into your home would you run away and call for help or deal with the criminal personally?


2. What was your first impression of your boss/director?    






3. What are your most favorite games and how often do you play them?


4. What is the life style of a modern man in a big city?


5. Do many people pay any attention to what happens in the country and watch TV news?


6. Do you think that financial disparity between people these days has nothing to do with social and political injustice but is a result of laziness and incompetence of individuals?


7. Do you believe that any hard work will always be paid by some decent benefit or may have no benefit at all?


8. What would you like to change in your life style?


9. Do you try to change your character or any of your habits?


10. What is your attitude to political and economic changes in the country?


11. Would you like if Russia were like any European country? If yes - in which respect?


12. What social ideology would you offer our country instead of culture of consumption and infinite growth of wealth?


13. What is the most popular modern religion? What is your religion?


14. Do you care much about what impression you produce on other people?


15. Would you prefer to have swift changes in your life or are you a more conservative person who likes things the way they are?


16. What is your most popular holiday destination?


17. Describe your office


18. Tell about yourself, your interests, ambitions, likes and dislikes


19. What qualities do you most appreciate in people and what things do you hate in them?


20. Your attitude to pets


21. What do you work for?


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22. Why do you want to learn this language?


23. Sport in our life


24. Most important skills we need to know


25. The house of your dreams


26. Would you prefer to live a nice lazy life without troubles and opportunities to a life full of challenges and hard work but with riches and fame?


27. Friends in your life


28. How often do you travel and what countries do you most like to visit?


29. How do you usually spend your weekends?


30. What do you usually do in the evening after work?


31. What was your most favorite subject at school?


32. What is the most interesting thing for you?


33. Do you often have parties?


34. If you had an opportunity to learn four foreign languages what languages would that be?


35. If we think about future what languages would you make your kids to learn?


36. What are the most important skills which an employee must have to be successful at work these days?


37. Have you ever thought about living a different life style: being a farmer in a village or a holiday hotel owner at the seaside?


38. Do you think that with age people are more likely to lose interest in life and become less interested and surprised at the events that happen or do they find new interests at each stage of their life?


39. What gives you ultimate joy and feeling of happiness? How often does that happen?


40. The job of your dreams


41. Who is your most favorite actress?


42. When did you last see your classmates?


43. Do you like reading?


44. What books do you like to read?


45. Do you trust the weather forecasts or simply take an umbrella when you see clouds in the sky?


46. Who is your best friend?


47. Do you believe in global warming?


48. What music do you like more – pop or classic?


49. How often do you go to theaters?


50. Do you like your colleagues/classmates?


51. Would you like to be a head of a department and manage other people?


52. Are you an ambitious person?


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53. Would you like to live in another country? Why?


54. Are you happy with the Moscow climate?


55. Would you like to change your life completely? Why? What exactly would you like to change?


56. Have you ever dreamed of being an actor?


57. Do you dance in clubs? When was the last time you did it?


58. What things make you angry?


59. Can you describe your flat?


60. Some people don’t like to stay a long time in one place. Are you one of them or can you stay in the city for five years in a row and wouldn’t even notice it?


61. Do you believe that Russia will be a world’s superpower again in a few years?


62. Can you play any musical instruments?


63. How do you usually relax –have a party with your friends or read a good book? Other variants?


64. Do you like martial arts?


65. What foreign languages would you like to know? Will you learn them?


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