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1. He is at home. 2. We are at school. 3. They are in Moscow. 4. I am at home. 5. You are in school. 6. She is in hospital. 7. He is ten. 8. Where are you? 9. How is she? 10. Who are you? 11. Where am I? 12. What is it? 13. Why is he here? 14. Why are you here? 15. What is he? 16. I am in Moscow. 17. Where is he? 18. How is he? 19. Why are we here? 20. How are you? 21. Where are we? 22. We are on holiday. 23. Are you in Moscow? 24. Is he at home? 25. They are not at home. 26. He is not at home. 27. Is she at home? 28. Who is she? 29. How is it? 30. How is it possible? 31. How am I? 32. What am I? 33.Who am I? 34. Who is he? 35. Who are they? 36. Where are they? 37. We are in the theatre. 38. I am an engineer. 39. He is a student. 40. We are friends. 41. They are students. 42. He is my friend. 43. You are my friend. 44. I am in a class. 45. He is at work. 46. She is at home. 47. She is my friend. 48. They are in a hotel. 49. I am at home. 50. Is he at home? 51. Where is it? 52. How are they? 53. What is it here? 54. Who is at home? 55. Why isn't he at home? 56. Shy am I at school? 57. Why are they in a shop? 58. When are my holidays? 59. Where are my friends? 60. When are you at home? 61. When is he at school? 62. When is she at work? 63. Why isn't she at work? 64. Why is he at home? 65. Where is your son? 66. Where are your friends? 67. Where are his students? 68. How is your test? 69. When is your exam? 70. When is my meeting? 71. Why are you here? 72. I am five. 73. He is married. 74. We are married. 75. They are married. 76. Are you married? 77. We are not married. 78. She isn't married. 79. Is she married? 80. We are not at home. 81. She isn't at home. 82. Why isn't she at home? 83. When are they at home? 84. I am in a shop.



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