1. What is your favorite day of the week?

  2. What people do you respect?

  3. How often do you disagree with people?

  4. Do you always follow your parents' advice?

  5. Can you play any musical instrument?

  6. Have you ever dreamed to become a movie start or a famous singer?

  7. How often do you help people in need?

  8. What name would you give to your first child?

  9. Do you like discussing other people with your friends?

  10. Are you a creative person?

  11. What is the job of your dreams?

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  1. Do you like doing crazy things? What things and why?

  2. What other language would you like to learn?

  3. Can you call yourself a kind person? Prove that.

  4. What kind of people usually surround you?

  5. Can you call yourself a difficult person? Why?

  6. What is your main goal in life?

  7. Why do people have to work?

  8. Are there many questions you don't want to answer?

  9. Are you a fan of any famous person? Why?

  10. Can you cook? What?

  11. Are there many people who can change your mind?

  12. Do you love art? What forms?

  13. Do you think having a plan for a day is important?

  14. How often do you make mistakes?

  15. What do you think of climate change?

  16. Where would you like to live?

  17. Are you an open-minded person?

  18. Who can prove you are a reliable preson?

  19. Where would you like to go for your next holiday?

  20. Are you a home sitter?

  21. How often do you go out with your friends?

  22. Would you chose a calm and pieceful life style or would you prefer a life full of adventures and risks?

  23. How to make much money?

  24. What is stability in your opinion?

  25. What makes you happy?

  26. Can you call yourself a reliable preson?

  27. Are you a positive person?

  28. When did you begin to speak English?

  29. Do you have a healthy life style?

  30. How should we take care of our health?

  31. Can you name the best known people of your country?

  32. Do you love children?

  33. Why is space exploration so important?

  34. What will be the future of the world like?

  35. To what degree is every person responsible for his education?

  36. How do you spend your free time?



  1. What do you like more – mornings or evenings? Why?

  2. Would you like to be remembered for centures by other people?

  3. What does it mean beeing independent for you?

  4. Are you a proactive person or a standbyer?

  5. What gives you energy?

  6. What improves your self-esteem?

  7. Do you always listen to what other people tell you?

  8. Have you ever thought of writing a book?

  9. When are you going to start going to the GYM? =)

  10. When are you going to start learning English seriously? =)

  11. How many kids are you going to have?

  12. How often do you change your mind?

  13. Should your words be trusted?                                                                                                 

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