Простые предложения из подлежащего и сказуемого


1. I work. 2. They read. 3. They work. 4. I read. 5. You speak. 6. You see. 7. My friends work. 8. Teachers see. 9. My friends read. 10. Brothers send. 11. Brothers work. 12. Teachers send. 13. Teachers read. 14. Teachers teach. 15. Students speak. 16. Students learn. 17. Children see. 18. Children speak. 19. Children learn. 20. Children play. 21. Teenagers send. 22. Teenagers read. 23. Teenagers watch. 24. Teenagers see. 25. We ask. 26. We speak. 27. Children ask teachers. 28. Teachers ask children. 29. Teenagers see teachers. 30. Children see my friends. 31. I see. 32. I teach. 33. Teachers teach my brothers. 34. I play. 35. Children ask you. 36. They teach children. 37. I ask children. 38. Teenagers teach children.



1. I finish school in Moscow. 2. You start work at home. 3. Cats go slowly home. 4. We play games in the park. 5. Students have lessons in school. 6. My sisters love music very much. 7. Dogs live with cats in a flat. 8. Friends watch films on TV. 9. Children read books in class. 10. They speak English every day. 11. Brothers meet friends in the airport. 12. Airplanes fly fast from place to place. 13. Cars cost money today. 14. Men have bikes in garage. 15. Parents love holidays in Turkey. 16. Cousins help me at weekends.



1) 1. I start work in the park. 2. Friends meet me at the airport. 3. Parents love books very much. 4. Students have lessons every day. 5. They start lessons today. 6. Cousins love bikes very much. 7. My sisters love lessons in school. 8. Friends help me every day. 9. Children read English books in class. 10. Men start work in garage.

2) 11. I go fast from place to place. 12. Children watch films in school. 13. We speak English every day. 14. You live with cats in Turkey. 15. Cars go fast from place to place. 16. I have English lessons every day. 17. Parents watch films at weekends. 18. Students finish work in the park. 19. Cats love music very much. 20. They meet friends at weekends.

3) 21. They love work in Moscow. 22. Men speak English at the airport. 23. Cousins go to school in Moscow. 24. Parents live in Turkey. 25. Dogs cost money. 26. My sisters love children. 27. They have cars in garage. 28. Children like to play with cats. 29. Parents have cats. 29. Airplanes fly fast at weekends. 30. They speak fast in class.

4) 31. We meet friends at home. 32. Children play computer games at home. 33. Dogs go from place to place in Moscow. 34. My sisters love English lessons. 35. Men meet friends in garage. 36. Dogs with cats live in the park. 37. Children have lessons in school. 38. Bikes go fast in Moscow. 39. We have music lessons at weekends. 40. They love money very much.

5) 41. Holidays in Turkey cost very much (money). 42. You help me today! 43. They read books in school every day. 44. We live with cats in a flat. 45. Students watch English films on TV. 46. We love music in Turkey. 47. I meet friends at the airport every day. 48. Computers cost very much. 49. Children read in the park today. 50. We help parents every day.

6) 51. You play in class every day. 52. My sisters meet me at the airport. 53. I love English cars very much. 54. I speak English in school today. 55. Dogs play in the park. 56. Brothers live in a flat. 57. They have a flat in Moscow. 58. You watch English films on TV every day. 59. They like to play games at home. 60. Children play in the park at weekends.

7) 61. Cats go with dogs in the park. 62. Friends work in school. 63. Dogs live in garage. 64. We like to help parents. 65. I finish to watch films today. 66. Meet me in school today. 67. I help parents at weekends. 68. You start lessons today. 69. You work slowly today. 70. They read English books slowly.

8) 71. Friends play in garage today. 72. You speak English slowly. 73. Children read slowly in class today. 74. We like to watch English films on TV. 75. Parents love me very much. 76. Children meet friends at weekends. 77. Holidays cost money. 78. My sisters work at home. 79. I have friends in Moscow. 80. They help me to speak English.



1. I walk in the park. 2. I want to work. 3. He lives by the sea. 4. My friend works at an office. 5. We stay at home. 6. We watch TV in the evening. 7. I spend my weekends in the country. 8. They love nature. 9. We have picnics on Saturday. 10. She meets her friend in town. 11. I stay with my children at home. 12. He keeps his money in a bank. 13. We take children to the kindergarten. 14. She speaks English to her husband. 15. We go to the cinema on Sunday. 16. She goes to bed very late. 17. They live in town. 18. I have a big house in the country. 19. I spend my weekends at home. 20. I meet my family.

1. She loves sea. 2. We walk every day. 3. They work every day. 4. We like to stay with our children in the country. 5. She likes to spend money. 6. Her husband works much. 7. He has a wife. 8. They have children. 9. He wants to have a big house. 10. My wife likes to go shopping. 11. We go to the city center. 12. Their children play in the park. 13. We watch TV at home. 14. They have picnics in the nature. 15. I live with my family. 16. I want to have a big house in the country. 17. We read books and newspapers in the evening. 18. They go to Moscow on business. 19. He works in the city center. 20. She reads morning newspapers.

1. I play football every day. 2. He goes to school. 3. They learn to speak English and German. 4. We want to speak English well. 5. She writes books. 6. She likes to read detective novels. 7. People finish work in the evening. 8. I visit my friends at weekends. 9. We dance in clubs. 10. She likes wine. 11. He goes to theaters on Saturday. 12. We like music. 13. He plays the guitar. 14. She learns to play the piano. 15. They walk every morning. 16. I like soup. 17. She likes to go shopping. 18. We come back home. 19. She has a brother. 20. We have a meeting with our partners.

1. He likes parties. 2. She finishes work at six o'clock. 3. They want to go home. 4. He knows many people in the city. 5. They have a big business. 6. He loves his home. 7. She has a flat in town. 8. They go to work every day. 9. They relax at weekends. 10. She wants to go shopping. 11. I go to school. 12. I teach my children. 13. They smoke cigarettes. 14. We drink wine. 15. I love holidays. 16. She goes to Turkey on holiday. 17. He likes to relax. 18. My friends often have parties. 19. We love our school. 20. My brother works in a big company.

1. They meet people every day. 2. She has her private business. 3. He likes to work. 4. He manages people. 5. Our manager speaks three foreign languages. 6. I like fast food. 7. You go fast. 8. We like fast life style in town. 9. I like China. 10. She likes Chinese food. 11. I want to go to a French restaurant. 12. People like Italian food. 13. I like tomato soup. 14. She goes to school every day. 15. I start work in the morning. 16. He plays tennis very well. 17. She loves her job. 18. She watches TV with her children. 19. Their job is very interesting. 20. We play cards in the evening.

1. He speaks to his friend. 2. My friends often have parties. 3. My telephone works well. 4. I speak English to my colleagues. 5. I like fresh food. 6. She likes sea food. 7. This cocktail is very delicious. 8. I come back home at one o'clock to have lunch. 9. He helps his mother with housework. 10. She does her work well. 11. I manage my task well. 12. He sleeps at work. 13. He likes holidays. 14. We finish work at seven o'clock. 15. I want (to have) a new car. 16. My friend has a sport car. 17. We like to drive fast his sport car. 18. I have a hobby. 19. I like to play tennis in my free time. 20. We stay in Australia for a holiday.

1. We like our holiday. 2. She wants to live in Moscow. 3. They love big cities. 4. People come to big cities for work and good life. 5. They live in a big city. 6. We love parties. 7. We have a good time. 8. They have much time. 9. She wants to have much money. 10. He wants to live in a big house. 11. I know many good people. 12. I help my brother. 13. His sister works at an office. 14. She likes her new school. 15. They have a small shop. We work in a shop. 16. He works in his shop. 17. We read books every day. 18. My boss has much money. 19. Our director loves sport cars. 20. He stays in five star hotels with his family.

1. We learn English for work. 2. I want to learn English for work. 3. People learn the international language for work. 4. It helps with communication. 5. Many international companies enter Russian markets. 6. Russian companies want to enter international markets. 7. Many people want to work in big international companies. 8. They want to have a good salary. 9. We want to have a good career. 10. They want to speak English to have a good career and a salary. 11. He has many friends in London and New York. 12. She loves sport. 13. People love good music. 14. We want to relax. 15. I help my children with homework. 16. Our teacher speaks many languages. 17. She loves good food. 18. They visit friends in the country. 19. They work much every day. 20. I go to a shop.

1. She loves coffee and tea. 2. We have a small family. 3. My sister helps me. 4. We want to help you. 5. I have an interesting friend. 6. He comes from the USA.


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