НАЧИТКА ОТВЕТОВ К МИНИ-КОНСТРУКТОРАМ


                                                                         Ответы к мини-конструкторам

1) 1. Parents live in Russia. 2. Students make mistakes. 3. Pupils live in Russia. 4. Parents wear jackets. 5. Pupils make mistakes. 6. Students live in Russia. 7. People wear jackets. 8. Parents give money. 9. Students give money. 10. Pupils wear jackets. 11. People live in Russia. 12. People make money in Russia. 13. Parents give money. 14. Pupils live in Russia. 15. People make mistakes. 16. Students wear jackets in Russia.

2) 1. Sons relax at weekends. 2. Kids put on jeans. 3. Professors relax at weekends. 4. Teenagers come home. 5. Kids want a cake. 6. Teenagers relax at weekends. 7. Teenagers put on jeans. 8. Sons want a cake. 9. Kids come home. 10. Professors come home. 11. Sons come home and put on jeans at weekends. 12. Kids relax at home at weekends. 13. Professors come at weekends. 14. Sons want jeans. 15. Kids want to relax at home at weekends. 16. Teenagers relax at home.

3) 1. We tell friends. 2. You meet clowns. 3. I see clowns. 4. They tell partners. 5. We see colleagues. 6. You tell friends. 7. I meet friends. 8. We ask partners. 9. I see colleagues. 10. They tell partners. 11. We ask clowns. 12. You ask friends. 13. Colleagues ask clowns. 14. Friends tell you. 15. I tell friends. 16. Clowns ask friends. 17. I ask partners. 18. Partners tell friends. 19. We meet clowns and tell friends. 20. They see you. 21. We ask you. 22. Partners ask you. 23. You ask clowns.



4) 1. Teachers eat bananas. 2. Guests love fruit. 3. Guests eat fruit. 4. Teachers open the window in a hotel. 5. You love bananas. 6. Children stay in a hotel. 7. You open the window in a hotel. 8. Children love fruit. 9. Teachers stay in a hotel. 10. Guests eat bananas. 11. You love fruit. 12. Teachers love to eat fruit. 13. Open the window in a hotel! 14. Children eat bananas in a hotel. 15. You love to stay in a hotel. 16. Children love to open the window in a hotel. 17. Children eat in a hotel. 18. You stay in a hotel. 19. Guests open the window. 20. Children open the window. 21. You eat bananas. 22. Children love bananas. 23. Teachers love bananas. 24. Teachers eat fruit. 25. Guests love fruit. 26. Teachers eat bananas in a hotel.

5) 1. You love basketball. 2. We begin school. 3. I love basketball. 4. They enjoy school. 5. We enjoy sport. 6. You play football. 7. You begin school. 8. We enjoy school. 9. I enjoy football. 10. They love sport. 11. We play basketball and football. 12. They play football. 13. You begin to play basketball. 14. They enjoy to play football. 15. We love to play football and basketball in school. 16. I begin to enjoy school. 17. We love to play basketball in school. 18. They begin school. 19. I enjoy sport. 20. We love basketball. 21. You play football.

6) 1. Girls watch cartoons. 2. Boys help parents. 3. Friends swim in the river. 4. I read books. 5. Girls read books. 6. Boys swim in the river. 7. Friends help parents. 8. Girls swim in the river. 9. I swim in the river. 10. Girls help parents. 11. Girls swim in the river and watch cartoons. 12. Boys read books and help parents. 13. Friends watch cartoons and read books. 14. I help parents and watch cartoons. 15. I read books and swim in the river with friends. 16. Boys and girls read books.



7) 1. Pupils sing songs. 2. Mother cooks dinner. 3. Birds sing songs in the forest. 4. Cats walk in the forest and sing songs. 5. Mother walks in the forest. 6. Mother sings songs in the forest. 7. Pupils write e-mails. 8. Mother cooks in the forest and sings songs. 9. Cats write e-mails. 10. Cats cook birds in the forest and sing songs. 11. Cats cook dinner and sing songs. 12. Mother cooks birds. 13. Pupils cook in the forest. 14. Mother writes in the forest. 15. Pupils cook dinner. 16. Pupils write in the forest. 17. Mother writes e-mails.

8) 1. Sisters watch TV in Moscow. 2. Cats like fish. 3. Cats live in Moscow. 4. Cats watch fish. 5. Dogs like to watch TV. 6. I go home. 7. Sisters go home. 8. Cats like TV. 9. I live in Moscow. 10. Cats like home. 11. I like to watch TV. 12. Sisters live in Moscow. 13. I like TV. 14. Dogs go home. 15. I like fish. 16. Cats go home.

9) 1. I speak English. 2. We visit my friends. 3. Cats have English lessons. 4. They speak to my friends. 5. I go to the park. 6. My friends speak English. 7. My friends have cats. 8. Cats have English lessons. 9. I have English lessons. 10. We go to my friends. 11. Cats go to the park. 12. They visit my English friends. 13. They speak English in the park. 14. Cats speak English to my friends. 15. My friends go to the park. 16. They visit cats. 17. We go to the park.



10) 1. Boys eat burgers. 2. You love pizza. 3. Children eat burgers. 4. Boys live in a flat. 5. I love pizza. 6. Children eat pizza in a flat. 7. You play computer games. 8. I play computer games. 9. I eat burgers in a flat. 10. You love computer games. 11. I eat pizza. 12. You eat burgers and pizza in a flat. 13. Children love to eat pizza. 14. Children love to play computer games in a flat. 15. Boys eat burgers. 16. I live in a flat. 17. Children play in a flat. 18. Boys love computer games. 19. I love to play computer games. 20 I and children live in a flat.

11) 1. Classmates sell boxes. 2. Sisters send messages. 3. Brothers send boxes. 4. Guides learn English. 5. Sisters eat burgers. 6. Brothers learn English. 7. Brothers eat boxes. 8. Brothers sell burgers. 9. Guides send messages. 10. Classmates learn English. 11. Sisters learn English. 12. Guides sell boxes. 13. Classmates eat burgers. 14. Brothers send burgers in boxes. 15. Sisters sell English burgers. 16. Sisters send messages. 17. Brothers learn English. 18. Sisters eat boxes. 19. Guides send boxes. 

12) 1. She plays the guitar. 2. This boy buys food. 3. My friend has a car. 4. He sells a car. 5. This boy plays the guitar. 6. This boy has a car. 7. My friend buys food. 8. He sells his house. 9. She has a house. 10. He plays in his house. 11. She buys a car. 12. This boy sells food. 13. My friend sells his house and a car and buys food. 14. She sells the guitar. 15. He has food.

13) 1. Directors make coffee. 2. Engineers sleep at work. 3. Doctors ask questions. 4. Managers drink coffee. 5. Directors sleep at work. 6. Managers drink tea. 7. Doctors sleep at work. 8. Directors ask questions. 9. Managers ask coffee. 10. Directors drink coffee and tea and ask questions. 11. Managers ask engineers. 12. Engineers ask doctors. 13. Engineers drink at work. 14. Directors and managers drink coffee at work. 15. Engineers ask questions at work.

14) 1. Officials ride trucks. 2. Workers enjoy a film. 3. Officials buy a house. 4. Workers buy a house. 5. Workers buy bicycles. 6. Travelers ride bicycles. 7. Customers buy a house. 8. Workers ride trucks. 9. Travelers buy trucks. 10. Customers buy trucks. 11. Officials enjoy a film. 12. Travelers enjoy a film. 13. Workers drive trucks. 14. Workers ride bicycles. 15. Customers enjoy a house.


15) 1. Rabbits run in the street. 2. Ducks play in the yard. 3. Dogs run in the forest. 4. Kids play in the street. 5. Rabbits jump in the forest. 6. Ducks swim in the river. 7. Rabbits run in the yard. 8. Ducks run in the forest. 9. Kids jump in the forest. 10. Ducks jump in the river. 11. Kids run in the street. 12. Dogs swim in the river. 13. Rabbits play in the yard. 14. Dogs jump in the forest. 15. Dogs play in the yard. 16. Rabbits jump in the yard. 17. Ducks jump in the forest. 18. Dogs jump in the river. 19. Kids jump in the yard. 20. Rabbits jump in the river. 21. Kids swim in the river. 22. Rabbits run in the forest. 23. Dogs run in the yard. 24. Rabbits play in the forest. 25. Kids play in the yard. 26. Kids run in the forest. 27. Rabbits play in the street. 28. Dogs play in the forest. 29. Dogs play in the river. 30. Ducks run in the street. 


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