Ответы на вопросы для уровня Beginner

1. My name is Peter.

2. I am 20 years old.
3. I am fine.
4. I am a student.
5. I live in Moscow.
6. Yes, I do.
7. I am from Russia.
8. Yes, I do. I like to play computer games and read books.
9. I don't have a job/ Yes, I do/ No, I don't


                       НАЗАД К ВОПРОСАМ

10. Yes, I would. I would like to get a good salary.
11. No, I don't/ Yes, I do.
12. Yes, I do. I have a cat.
13. Yes, I do. I read books sometimes.
14. Everyone does.
15. Yes, I do. All kids and teenagers play them and even some adults.
16. I want to change my job and move to a new flat.
17. I usually have porridge with eggs for breakfast.
18. I usually get up at 7 o'clock on weekdays and at twelve at weekends.
19. I like my holidays.
20. I live in a flat.
21. Yes, I did/ No, I didn't.
22. No, I am not/ Yes, I am.
23. Yes, I am/ No, I am not.
24. My best friend is Nick. He is my neighbor.
25. I sleep and watch films at weekends. I sometimes go out for a walk with my friends and tidy the flat. I aslo do some shopping and cooking.
26. I always work on weekdays.
27. I don't like my boss, neither I liked my teachers at school.
28. I think it will help me to get a higher salary and build a good career.
29. I can't speak any languages except Russian.
30. I usually go abroad, mainly to Europe. I also sometimes go to Russian sea resorts and St. Petersburg.
31. No, I don't. I am afraid of them.
32. I do it every two or three days when it gets messy.
33. I go to the cinema once a month.
34. My favorite game is football. I play it every weekend with my friends.
35. Yes, I do. I go to the local GYM twice a week.


                             НАЗАД К ВОПРОСАМ

36. Yes, I can/ No, I can't.
37. No, I don't eat too many sweets. I think it's unhealthy.
38. Yes, I think, I am/ No, I am not!
39. Yes, I do. I have two – a son and a daughter.
40. No, I don't. We live separately. I have my own flat.
41. Yes, I do. I have many friends, so I like seeing them often.
42. My favorite season is summer. I like when it's hot and sunny.
43. I don't like winter because it is cold, gloomy and the days are short.
44. Yes, I can. My mum taught me to swim when I was still a kid.
45. Yes, I do. I think everyone does.
46. Well, I did OK.
47. Yes, I do. I help them sometimes.
48. Well, they do sometimes but not always.
49. I love to relax and go somewhere nice and hot.
50. I do nothing.
51. I come back home from work, have supper, watch TV and then go to bed.
52. I go to bed at eleven o'clock.
53. Yes, I defenetly would. I would like to earn more money.
54. Well, sort of. I think I am. But I am too lazy to work hard.
55. Yes, I do it sometimes/ I don't care much about them.
56. I like pizza and sushi.
57. Yes, I think I did, I always felt very tired at school.
58. Yes, I do. I think it must be shorter.
59. Yes, I can/ No, I can't.
60. Yes, I do. I would like to buy a VOLVO.

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