1. My favorite day of the week is Friday because that's when my weekend begins and I can do whatever I want.

  2. I respect different people but in most cases these are the ones who have achieved something in their lives, who are hardworking, intelligent and play an important role in our society.

  3. I sometimes disagree with people when my life experience tells me their views are not correct and when I believe my idea is better and I make the right choice. But I am not a person who always disagrees with others simply because I want to argue or attract somebody's attention.

  4. No, I don't. But my parents are clever people with life experience and I often listen to their advice but not always simly because they may not know the whole story or the situation they talk about.

  5. No, I can't. I think most people who can play a musical instrument studied it in their childhood. But my parents did not send me to a music school when I was a kid. And when I grew up I decided it was too late for that.

  6. Yes, I have. I think many kids want to be famous and earn much money. But the truth is life of such stars is not so simple as one may think, it's a constant struggle for the public's attention and the outcome of such struggle is unpredictable.

  7. I sometimes help people in need especially if I know these people well and when I believe that my help is really needed.

  8. I don't know really. I haven't thought about it yet.

  9. Yes, I do. People always discuss other people with their friends and family.

  10. I hope I am. When I was a teenager I used to compose verses and I liked drawing.

  11. I believe the job of my dreams is the one which is interesting and well paid and at the same time doesn't take much time and efforts. It must be easy and creative – maybe something connected with camera work and travelling.

  12.    НАЗАД К ВОПРОСАМ        


  1. I used to like doing crazy things when I was a teenager. But that has changed with age. Now I've become more conservative and reasonable. But I used to skip classes in school.

  2. After English I would like to learn either Spanish or Chinese. They are both wide spread languages spoken by many people around the world.

  3. I can call myself a kind person. I never do any bad things to other people for no reason. I always try to help my friends and family.

  4. I try to surround myself with kind and good people. I appreciate intellect, ambitions and good sense of humor in my friends. I like to learn something positive and new from my environment. I don't like wasting time on boring, stupid and angry people and try to stay away from them.

  5. No, I can't. I am an easy going person. I try not to create problems for no reason and always try to avoid any conflict and quickly find a peaceful resolution and I usually get on well with people.

  6. I have a few main goals in life: work hard and achieve good results in my career, make a family and have kids and learn everything I can to get better and wiser.

  7. Some people say that they work to earn a living but my main purpose is to make something important and valuable, realise my god given potential.

  8. It depends who asks me these questions. For example there are some people with whom I can always discuss everything. And at the same time I am not a kind of person who has no secrets with strangers. You must know the person well before you tell him about your thoughts and dreams. So I believe in some cases for some people I have many questions which I don't want to answer.

  9. I have many favorite singers and actors but I cannot call myself their fan. I simply enjoy waching their films and listen to their songs.

  10. Unfortunately, I can't cook. I find it really boring for me. But I love to eat delicious food.

  11. Well, not too many. But there are people who I listen to. I mean not always but I take their opinions to consideration.

  12. I love all forms of art but I don't love all the artworks. I love deep and interesting works.

  13. Yes, I do. If you don't know where you go you will end up somewhere else. That means you won't achieve your life goals without a plan because many things must be done gradually day after day and you can't simply do them at one go.

  14. I am a human so make mistakes. But I try not to make them often and never repeat the same mistake.

  15. I believe it would be great for Russia to have a warmer climate and a longer summer. But of course that's what only lies on the surface of the problem and there are other important things which must be taken to the consideration.

  16. I would like to live where I do now. I have my family and friends here. People speak the same language and share the same culture with me here. Why should I go elsewhere if I have everything here? Going away concerns too many troubles and involves hard and long adaptation to a new environment.

  17. I think I am. I always try to learn new things but I try to absorb only those of them which I really need and like. I try to understand people and their behavior. I find it quite interesting and useful rather than avoiding them if they are simply different from me.

  18. I am a reliable person but I am not going to prove that without a reason. I think people understand if you are a reliable person when they stay in touch with you for some time and begin to trust you without any recommendation of any third person.

  19. I would like to go to many different places. My next choice will be made based on my budget, offers of a travel agent and time of the year and, of course, my friends who will go with me.

  20. No, I am not. But actually that depends on the time of the year. In summer I try to spend all my time outdoors. But in winter I stay inside most of the time because I don't like when it's cold.

  21. When I was younger I did it quite often but now all my friends have families and their work so it's quite hard to find time to meet. And there is another problem – many of my friends live in different parts of the world now.

  22. I would try to find the golden middle. Sometimes I get bored and need adventures and sometimes I like to stay calm, read a book, watch TV or spend time in the nature. But I don't like taking risks in any case.

  23. I believe you must study hard and then work hard and use your intellect for that. And when you become a true professional you will be able to earn much money and it doesn't matter in what field you work.

  24. Stability in my opinion means safety when things are predictable and easy without any hardships.

  25. There are many things which can make me happy – my friends and family, a good sunny day, an interesting adventure or a trip, some delicious food, for example.

  26. Yes, I can. I always do what I promise.

  27. Yes, I am. At least I try to be positive and have a good mood when it's possible and there is no one or nothing to spoil it.

  28. I began to speak some English when I was in school and had regular private extra classes with my teacher.

  29. Yes, I think I do. I try but that is not always easy.

  30. We should sleep well, eat healthy, spend much time outdoors, do some exercises, stay calm and positive, have hobbies and interesting work and don't drink much alcohol or smoke.

  31. Yes, I can. But that will take a lot of time cause there is a long list of such people.

  32. Yes, I do. It always comes with age. As we grow older we tend to love and surround ourselves with those who are young. It helps us to feel younger too.

  33. The Earth's resourses are expendable and we have a growing human population so it's absolutely crucial to explore new planets otherwise we'll have wars and mass extermination of people in a fight for those resourses on our planet.

  34. Who knows? That's a question for science fiction experts. They tell us about flying cars and space travel.

  35. Nowadays in the age of the Internet and free access to information every person is directly risponsible for his own education. And we also have got so many free libraries. So education is not only for the rich but available to everybody.

  36. It depends on my mood. I may watch TV, play a computer game, read a book or go out with my friends and family.


             НАЗАД К ВОПРОСАМ       


  1. I prefer evenings more, cause I find it sometimes difficult to wake up in the morning especially on weekdays. But in the evening I feel free and happy cause my day's work in most cases is done and I can relax and do what I want.

  2. I think I would but still don't know how to do that.

  3. Being independent means being free for me, free from any influence and being able to do what I want when I want it without asking someone for permission.

  4. I am a proactive person and I always take responsibility for my actions.

  5. My hobbies give me energy and freedom. You can never be successful without freedom. And of course it's important to do those things which you like. In that case you'll have lots of energy to work.

  6. I respect myself when I achieve some good results. It makes sense of my life.

  7. No, I don't. I have my own vision on everything but I stay open for new ideas.

  8. Yes, I have. That would be something to write my own book where I can share my thoughts with other people and leave it for generations to come.

  9. I think never. There are other much easier ways of doing exercises. You don't have to use all these machines and make yourself work hard. And as experience shows me most people always stop training at some point because they are tired of training. Training must be easy and pleasant. I prefer walking much, cycling and swimming to going to GYMs.

  10. I have already learned this language and I can speak it well. My purpose at this point is to keep my knowledge by watching programs in English and reading books.

  11. I would like to have three kids if possible or maybe two.

  12. I can choose it very often or don't choose it at all depending on the circumstances.

  13. Yes, they can. I think lying is a sign of weekness and it's disgraceful.


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