1. Well, when I was younger it was defenetly much easier. Now it's harder. Adults choose people they surround themselves with very carefully. Your friends must share your interests and have a similar character and views on life. And actually because most adults have their families and have to work there is very little space left for new relationships.

  2. I try to spend as much time ourdoors as I can – 2 to 3 hours because it's healthy. But unfortunately we all have to spend much time in front of our computers staying indoors which is very bad.

  3. You simply have to work hard and think a lot and learn a lot as well as be open to new ideas.

  4. I would advise them to take responsibility for their actions as soon as they can and be serious about their future and set some goals for themselves to guide them through their lives and achieve those goals. And at the same time I would teach them to enjoy their lives.

  5. Well, before I could. Now I think I still can but I don't always want – that's the problem. With age most people appreciate a predictable environment and a comfortable life and we like no surprises where we know what to expect. Learning new things always means changing your life order but if it's easy why not to try to learn something new?

  6. I feel I hate the world :)

  7. I would like to live in a big house but I would like to be close to a city or even live inside a city.

  8. Well, each option has its own pros and cons. A city life provides you with many opportunities but also it is harder and more intense. A village life is much quieter and pieceful but boring and there are less options to get a good education, a good job or entertain properly.

  9. I want to live in the suburbs of a big city in a big private house near the seaside. The climate must be warm. I'd like to have much money and an interesting job which will allow me to have much freedom and free time to do other things. I also want to travel, have many good friends and my family around. And I want everyone to be happy and healthy.

  10. No, I don't and I think no one does. No, I can't. I want to set my own rules for my own life.

  11. No, I wouldn't like this idea. I would better prefer to have less money, influence and respect but be free and happy and always do what I want.

  12. I think I am a leader but I don't want to lead anyone. I just have enough leadership skills and power to go my own way in life and take responsibility for my own actions in order to change my life and I take actions without consulting anyone.


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  1. I like using public transport. Having a car means having lots of extra problems which I don't need in my life. And I don't have to travel that much.

  2. I buy them sometimes. Without them life would be very gray.

  3. I think they cook less because they have other options like they can buy some ready made food in a shop or go to a cafe.

  4. It was when labtop computers became wide spread and quite cheap – it was in the early 2000s.

  5. We usually walk and talk or watch a film. Sometimes we meet at a cafe and have a meal together.

  6. An understanding that an alternative to that is going backward.

  7. Well, there is a tradition in Russia to wish a good health and much money.

  8. Well, it's already hard when we talk about a child's character and when there is an adult person it's almost impossible to change him.

  9. Yes, I do. I like buying new things but I don't like spending too much time on it.

  10. I believe there will be lots of programmers and space exploration specialists.

  11. I usually give them souvenirs which I bring from my foreign trips.

  12. You must love what you do and enjoy it – that's the best motivation ever.

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  1. I think it's hard. It's better change something in life gradually without breaking it all in one second.

  2. I think they would describe me as a nice person. Otherwise they wouldn't be my friends.

  3. Yes, I do.

  4. Yes, I would if it weren't too dangerous and if you had no risk to be left in a time where you don't want to live. I would go to both past and future everywhere interesting and special.

  5. I don't think about it I educate myself through the Internet and get all the information I need to know. But I think schools and universities must be modernised and improved. They constantly must be kept update. Students must have more freedom of choice.

  6. We should have more update programming classes, languages and business classes. They also should study martial arts as a part of a sport program and finish school with a black belt.

  7. I would still find a way to get out and live in a city.

  8. I think the best places in Russia are the Russian south (places like Krasnodar region) and two capital cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  9. No, there are not. I can only trust my family and my best friends.

  10. Yes, I do. But maybe not too much.

  11. We must simply want that and see the reason for it.

  12. Hard work is very important if you want to change your life quickly and get good results in something. But I think it's not necessary to work hard during all life cause you'll never be happy if you don't enjoy freedom and do what you like.

  13. It depends on the work.

  14. No, I can't. I can change something in me or just pretend to be what they want me to be for a while if it's necessary.

  15. I think they are electricity, the Internet, computers and food preservation. Of course there are many others.

  16. I am interested in my life and the world arround me with everything in it.

  17. We should invest in our education to be more competitive in the job market, also in real estate.

  18. I think it was important to choose the right university and choose to build the right career.

  19. The best paid job is the one where you have your own business and you have many other people working for you and you don't pay much money in taxes or in salaries.

  20. I don't watch TV I have the Internet for that.

  21. I usually go to bed at midnight.

  22. Yes, I can. I try to be one.

  23. The best way to solve a conflict situation is to avoid it but still protect your interests.

  24. Yes, I can. There are five of them: Great Britain, The USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

  25. It's enough to spend about 30-40 minutes on sport for an ordinary person every day.

  26. I like to read adventure stories and classic novels to think and to get distructed from the prose of daily routine.

  27. No, I can't. Although in my childhood I didn't have the Internet so I read books and spent much time outdoors playing with other kids.

  28. Yes, I would like this idea. I think there is something very special about it.

  29. I like the fact that they appreciate my company and they want to be my friends.

  30. Yes, I can if it's necessary.

  31. I feel really sorry for them.

  32. Yes, I do. I watch TV news on the Internet to keep informed about all the current events and situation in the country and the world.

  33. It depends on a person. If he or she plays a little it's not but if a man spends many hours on computer games I think it's bad.

  34. Yes, I do. I try not to provoke conflicts and be nice.

  35. It is hard if it's your first foreign language. Then it gets easier but still requires time, efforts and regular training.

  36. I need to be left alone quite often – maybe about 50 per cent of the time. I need to concentrate on my work and think.  


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