1.My favorite subject in school was History. The teacher had a talent of story telling and could make you interested in the events that took place long ago. We all felt as if she had taken part in them herself – so live was her narrative.


2.My district has a river and a beautiful park near it. And there is a scenic view on the mountains in a distance.

3.I have many favorite movies. But I think I am going to name “Simone” with Al Pacino beause I've just come across it recently. It's a fantastic story about a movie director who with the help of computer technologies could create the perfect actress on the screen which was immediately loved by everyone but his creation caused him big troubles.

4. When I think of the most interesting places in my country I first of all remember of the two capital cities, the hot and sunny Black sea resorts and the scenic views of the Altai , The Urals and the Caucasus mountains together with volcanoes of Kamchatka and amazing lake Baikal.

5. I have many favorite dishes but recently I've started being addicted to sushi and eat them more often than anything else.

6. Well, I wake up at 7, have breakfast, go to work at 8, have lunch at 1, finish my working day at 6, go back home, have supper at 8, spend some time with Ipad or watch TV, go to bed at 11. That's it.

7. That's a difficult one. Maybe save some money first. Rent an office – second. Pay some money to advertise my product or my service. Employ a couple of workers and find some suppliers of the stuff I am going to sell. Actually I have a very vague understanding of a business plan at this point.

8. Oh, I don't like the idea of taking credits from banks cause you always have to pay a high interest rate and eventually lose not only your money but also a peace of mind.

9. For me it means lots of troubles with parking, insurance, petrol, washing, changing tires, reparing, all sorts of extra expences and so on. So I prefer using public transport or hire a taxi.

10. Well, although killing animals is a bad thing, but homeless dogs are really dangerous for people, especially kids. Maybe there must be found a different solution.

11. I like cats more than dogs. They are cleaner, softer, they don't bark at night when everybody sleeps and you don't have to walk with them.

12. I would ask them lots of questions about his/her life.

13. I would like them to get the best education possible to make them better prepared for the changes of the modern world.

14. A modern woman doesn't like cooking any more, drives a car, has a job and education, dresses well, looks good, spends much of her time on shopping, likes going out to restaurants and all sorts of interesting places, also enjoys taking photos and traveling a lot.

15. A modern teenager spends much time with an Ipad and his mobile phone, lives more in a virtual world than in the real one, goes to school, reads little, plays video games a lot.

16. I have one best friend from university but now we don't live in the same city so I don't see him often any more. But we chat on the Internet quite regularly.

17. An ideal life style for me means living at the seaside, travel a lot, eat delicious food, have a beautiful wife with clever kids, has an interesting and creative job without any deadlines and bosses, be my own boss, earn much money, have lots of interesting friends, be healthy and happy.

18. Perfect holidays for me mean visiting a new interesting place, having lots of fun with my companions, have a peace of mind, eat and sleep well and enjoy.

19. If I were a president I would change the education system completely to prepare people to be proactive, creative and competitive from an early age. Also I would launch all kinds of programs to support small and middle size business, try to establish more economic connections with other countries and develop infrastructure and new technologies in the regions of my country.

20. No, I wouldn't. I am not the kind of person.

21. They start wars for resourses, money and power.

22. I would explore genetics to let people live longer and make them healthier.

23. I think it's soon going to be a disaster for our planet unless we take it under control or start sending people to colonise space in great numbers.

24. I think it'll be made of synthetic and unhealthy products but also will be very diverse and delicious.

25. I have become wiser.

26. I would like to visit mostly European countries at first.

27. Yeah, I think I would. But I must have a chance to visit my home quite regularly.

28. When I was younger I wanted to learn to dance some club dances. Now I think I am old for that.

29. They are the Volga, the Don, the Enissey, the Lena, the Ob rivers.

30. The best cities in Russia for me are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

31. They are rich countries, and three of them are big ones.

32. People speak English in the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta and in many other countries as the second language – India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, European Union.

33. English is so popular because historically many countries of the world were colonies of the British empire where English was the language of the state and these days English is the world business language and the language of high technologies and culture mostly because of the influence of the USA and the place of this country in the modern world.

34. It helps with communication in multinational companies.

35. I would like to know Spanish and probably Chinese bacause together with English these three languages are the most spoken ones in the modern world.

36. I think we must include business skills development in the school program and also have more focus on technologies.

37.The most powerful countries of the modern world are the USA, China, Russia, India, and some European counties such as Germany, England and France.

38. It depends on what danger we are talking about. If we speak about military conflicts I think most of dangerous places to live in are in the Middle East, if we speak about dangerous animals we can name Africa and Australia. If you consider a danger freezing to death you may think of Russian and Canadian Arctic posessions and Antarctida. Dangers are different and they exist everywhere.

39. It will be Mars. There already exist plans to inhabit this planet and an expedition is being prepared.

40. I wouldn't like this idea. At least not at this stage. It's too dangerous for humans and too much time consuming.

41. Yes, I do.

42. Yes, I do.

43. Yes, I do.

44. An asteroid struck the Earth and caused a widespread distruction and mass killings which were followed by a long winter.

45. There was a political and ideological crisis combined with treachery and impotence of the government.

46. Yes, it is in general terms, but for those who are interested in getting social allowances it has become worse.

47. I don't watch TV at all.

48. My most favorite web sites are social networks like VK and YouTube where I watch interesting programs.

49. Time will show.  

 50. I think everybody these days must be able to use a computer and the Internet, also speak a few languages and be able to drive a car and have some business skills.

51. Some people say that doing business with family is a bad idea but who can you trust most – your family or strangers? So my answer is it's best to do busines with family.

52. Yes, I would. It would be awesome.

53. Yes, I do.

54. Yes and no. I can work hard doing things I like and I can be very lazy if I am forced to do things which I don't want to do.

55. Yes, of course I do. Everyone should. Otherwise you'll never get what you want if you always sail with a flow.

56. No, I don't. I think no one does.

57. We can improve our life only through hard work.

58. We must try traveling to new places, tasting different food, testing new hobbies and finding our own place in the world which suits us most.

59. Yes, I have. It was awful. I have bad memories.

60. Yes, I would. I'd like to do that because it would give me more flexibility, more freedom and independence.

61. I normally use public transport.

62. I would like them to get to the top in any sphere, become real professionals, wealthy and respected people.

63. No, I wouldn't. I think it too risky and you get too much responsibility.

64. Yes, I think I do. At least people usually laugh at my jokes.

65. I try my best to do that but it's not that easy.

66. Yes, in some sense it is but you also get much in return for your sacrifice.

67. I guess yes. It gives you a certain feeling of stability.

68. Yes, it is if they can really help you in case of need.

69. Like everyone else I gather together with my family and friends, have fun, eat something delicious, get drunk.

70. I could do that for a while in case I have something to do there, have a good Internet connection, places to go and some people to visit. But that mustn't last for a long time. Otherwise I would get bored.

71. Well, there are so many. If you got ill and our medecine would help you to recover you would say that the medecine was the best gift of our civilization. If you were in a hurry and a car, a plane or a train helped you to get to the needed place you would feel the same about them. If you earned much money with the help of the Internet and new technologies you would include them in the list. So, it all depends on what you need right at this moment.

72. I would if I were younger.

73. It happends time to time but not often, I always try to keep busy.

74. I hope I don't. At least I don't know much about them.

75. I would go somewhere interesting and see something new.

76. Yes, I would especially if I had some good company.

77. I'd like to have more friends, more freedom and more money.

78. I would like to be slimmer and more muscular.

79. I think I would. It would be so much fun.

80. Of course that would be a great offer. I would learn more about our world, get all I want to have in my life and try everything I've ever dreamed about.

81. Well, probably Miami because I love the warm climate, although I've never been there.

82. Yes, I am – I am afraid of sharks when I swim in the sea and actually don't want to face with a wild predator in the forest.

83. No, I wouldn't. Money isn't everything. I would rather have less money but more freedom and peace of mind to sleep well at night.

84. No, I didn't. I hated it. I guess it was the fault of my school teacher.

85. No, I don't. At least it's not more dangerous than everywhere else.

86. We can't buy love, health, life and happiness.

87. Yes, it does. It comes with age – the older you get the more you appreciate it.

88. Yes, I do. I try to walk as much as possible – a few hours a day.

89. I can't choose between two – the Black sea and the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is bigger and its shores seem to be more beautiful and different but the Black sea has no sharks in it.

90. Yes, I would. It would be fantastic.

91. Yes, I am. I think they destabilize the situation in the country and are a sourse of crime. Also they try to alter the life of the locals.

92. No, I am not. I hate cold climate.

93. Yeah, I would like to get some new impressions and experiences. Why not?

94. I know many people would accept that with great pleasure but I would rather work for myself.

95. I do it in my car when I drive to work.

96. I travel every season mostly around Russia and Europe.

97. I try to be creative in every aspect of my life when it's possible.

98. Yes, I did. I had some problems with some subjects.

99. Yes, I do. I like eating sweets.

100. No, I don't. I had many friends when I was a student but now life is different.

101. Well, yes and no. I know I am not a follower and I always have my own opinion and I do what I think is right. But I am not the kind of person who leads people, who has much authority and attention.

102. No, I don't. I would like to play the violin and the piano.

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