1. It depends on the situation.

2. I thought he was a reasonable man.

3. I don't have any favorite games, I play different games.

4. I believe he works hard, then goes home and watches TV. He goes out at weekends and travels on holiday.

5. I think many people really watch TV and follow the news.

6. Yes, I do. If we take an action we can achieve anything.

7. It depends on where you work.

8. I would like to be surrounded by clever people, have interesting hobbies, travel more often and go out a lot.

9. Yes, I do. But never try to break myself, I simply try to find something which was hidden deep inside me.

10. My attitude is positive although I never really watch the news.

11. I don't know much about European countries.

12. I would offer personal development and self realisation, creativity and humanism.

13. Money and image is the most popular modern religion. My religion is in the answer to the previous question.

14. Yes, I do but not that much.

15. I would like to have some positive changes in my life but not very quick and unexpected because I need time to adapt. I like gradual positive changes when I understand what's going on.

16. I like to go somewhere nice and hot.

17. It's a big light room with a desk, some chairs, a few posters on the wall and a white board. There are some books on the shelves. There are two windows with a nice view.

18. That would take an hour :)

19. I like kind, responsible, hard-working, open-minded and interesting people. I hate ill-natured, angry, jealous, lazy and stupid people.

20. I love pets especially cats but I don't like dogs.

21. First I used to work for money now I work to make something new and change something in this world.

22. There are many reasons: it develops my memory, helps with communication when I travel, also it is needed for business.

23. Sport is healthy in most cases. It helps us to look younger and have a good body shape.

24. We must know how to use computers, speak a foreign language, be able to drive a car and have some communication skills as well as some professional ones.

25. It must be big and light with lots of rooms and nice furniture. It must have a garden and a water pool in the back yard.

26. I think I can chose both life styles at different time.

27. I have some good friends. And they are really important to me. They make my life brighter and more interesting.

28. I travel around Russia quite often and sometimes visit European and Asian countries.

29. I try to relax at home and in the nature.

30. I usually spend my evenings in front of my computer or walk in the park.

31. I think it was history.

32. I love traveling, seing new places and meeting new people.

33. No, I don't.

34. They would be English, Spanish, Chinese and French.

35. I would make them learn English, Chinese and Spanish.

36. He must be a professional in his job.

37. Yes, I have.

38. I think people find new interests at each stage of their life.

39. I love to get what I want, I love to win. That makes me happy.

40. I'd like to work for myself, have no deadlines, don't go to an office but work from any place in the world and get much money.

41. My most favorite actress is Sharon Stone.

42. It happened some years ago at a classmates meeting party.

43. Yes, I do. But unfortunately that doesn't happen very often because I am too busy.

44. I like to read Russian classics.

45. I simply take un umbrella. The weather forecasts are almost always wrong.

46. He is clever, serious and hard-working man.

47. No, I don't.

48. It depends on my mood.

49. I go to theaters almost every month.

50. I feel OK about them.

51. Why not. That would be an interesting experience.

52. Yes, I am. I always try to improve myself.

53. I would like to live somewhere in the South of Europe some of the time but at the same time live in Russia as well.

54. No, I am not. It should be warmer and sunnier.

55. No, I wouldn't. I like things the way they are.

56. Yes, I have. I wanted to become an actor when I was a teenager.

57. Not any more. Last time I did it when I was a student.

58. I hate when I don't get what I want and when I have to deal with stupid and impolite people.

59. It's not big but very cozy.

60. I don't like staying in one place for a long time for sure.

61. It may happen but I am not sure.

62. No, unfortunately I can't.

63. I can both have a party and read a good book but not simultaneously.

64. In my opinion they are interesting to watch but too hard and dangerous to practice them.

65. I would like to know all main world languages. Yes, why not.


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