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1. I learned to meet challenges, work hard, to be responsible and meet deadlines.

2. Yes, I think we should because the world is so changeable around us and we need to get some new skills to adapt to it.

3. I think children need much attention and it takes time especially when kids are little so it doesn't allow parents to do what they want and when they want. It's very tiring. Also bringing up children costs money because good parents should give good education to their kids.

4. When children are little we must spend almost all our time on them. When they grow up we must reduce the time spent on kids to make them more self reliable.

5. Yes, I would. I would like to have a passive source of income.

6. No, I don't. I am an adult so I can take responsibility myself. But I discuss my problems with them when I need some advice or an alternative point of view to be able to see the whole picture of the situation.

7. I behave mostly on my own.

8. I think now I do it very seldom. I was crazier when I was younger. But craze disappears with age I hope.

9. Yes, I do. But I try to escape from it as quickly as possible because I don't like it.

10. No, I don't. I actually love my job.


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1. Sometimes I feel this way but luckily that doesn't happen very often.

2. Well, honestly I think I am. I always want to be the best. But at the same time the succes of others makes a positive impact on me – it makes me work harder.

3. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to be left alone and do what I want but sometimes I feel lonely and need people arround me.

4. I think he should be a leader, very responsible and creative but also very understanding to his subordinates.

5. I believe a good employee must be very responsible and hardworking, always do his work well.

6. I have some favorite movie stars but I cannot call me a fan.

7. I am not interested in any sport events.

8. I do it sometimes but not often. It gives me quite negative perception of the world and spoils my mood.

9. No, I don't. I try to do right things, take full responsibility for my actions, make right decisions and do my work well. And it helps me.

10. I have so many. But I think I mostly liked when I went to the seaside on vacation with my family.

11. Yes, I am. That's why I never fly.

12. No, I don't. But I like to watch such events from a safe distance that is not to be involved in them by mistake.


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1. No, I don't think it would be a good idea. You can't guess how many crazy people are out there and what they want. It would simply make our life more dangerous.

2. That would be a good thing. But the entering exams must be more difficult.

3. No, I am not. I would be happy to work less and save more money on a bank account.

4. It could be a good idea unless we get lots of immigrants from other countries in return.

5. That might happen if our country were richer and provided people with better quality of services and offered more opportunities for immigrants. But it's not the case and we may not worry about immigrants in great numbers. Although we should keep our borders locked.

6. I would like people to stop wars and killing each other.

7. I think it's Sheila.

8. Yes, I do. Of course they are.

9. No, I wouldn't.

10. My boss is a big man with shrewd eyes. He wears a suit and smokes a cigar.

11. I can't remember anything of that kind.

12. Oh, that's a long story.

13. I have my own views.

14. I like testing new things but not too much.

15. I wish them good health and success.

16. Yes, I remember it for a while but then I forget. Sometimes I may hurt back.

17. I think we shouldn't because sometimes innocent people get in jail but killing innocent people in the name of law would be too cruel.

18. I do it sometimes but I can not say that I like it.

19. Yes, sometimes I get angry but it's not necessary always the case.

20. I feel when I am wrong and I am ready to admit it.

21. I don't like talking about my mistakes.

22. I am an emotional person but I always try to take control of my emotions as quickly as posible. I do respect such people.


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1. No, I don't. At least not more then others.

2. Every modern and well educated man should know at least one foreign language.

3. I try to entertain myself.

4. I think they will still lead or at least share that leadership with China.

5. Yes, I think I could.

6. No, I wouldn't like this idea.

7. We should sleep well, spend much time outdoors, go in for sports and eat healthy food.

8. Yes, I do. These days it's really important.

9. I would like them to have extra foreign language classes, IT and also business classes.

10. Completely. I can't imagine my life without new technologies.

11. Yes, I did. I read books almost every day, especially in summer.

12. I think they are an evil but kids like them so much. So they must be controlled by parents but not completely abolished.

13. I like the historic center of Moscow and old residences of noble men like Kuskovo and Arkhangelskoe.

14. I argue with people when there is a need to change their minds. I stop doing it when I see no result.

15. Very little.

16. I don't have any favorite colours. I wear clothes of different colours.

17. I have parties with family and friends.

18. No, I don't read them. I have the Internet for that.

19. Yes, I would. That's a nice place.

20. I usually go somewhere interesting.

21. I usually spend about an hour to get where I need.

22. No, I don't. I am too lazy for that.

23. I would like to live in a private house but it's impossible if you live in a big city. So flats are fine too.

24. No, I don't. I try to escape them.

25. Yes, I think so.

26. Yes, it does.

27. Success and prosperity motivate me in life.

28. I guess I spend about five hours a day in front of my computer.

29. Yes, I think they are harmful.

30. You must simply find things you like and do them. Then you'll succeed. One can't do what he hates for a long time and succeed in it.

31. I do it sometimes and I like when they appreciate it.

32. They are very important for many people. Most of these people don't even understand that they are under the influence of advertising. They stick to herd mentality and copy each other.

33. Yes, I do. I've met lots of such people especially in big cities like Moscow.
Some people have nothing to prove their difference from others but they really
want to be respected, to be special and unique. So they create an image, wear
different clothes or have a strange hair style or stick to a special line of behavior.

34. My attitude is negative.I like easy going and open-minded people. I don't like
everything artificial.

35. I feel it every day. I always need to go forward.

36. I am a self reliable person but if someone wants to help me I seldom refuse.

37. No, I wouldn't. It's bad for health.

38. Yes, I am. It has always been my passion.


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1. No, I don't.

2. Yes, I would like to have many friends.

3. I would visit all the historic places first, then go to the Black sea resorts
and travel arround them, next I would visit both capital cities and some other
major cities, then I would go to see the most important mountain chains
and volkanoes and I would finish my journey by exploring some islands in Far East.

4. I would present myself as a responsible, hardworking and creative person with
lots of experience.

5. I would like to have my own business.

6. I would become a scientist or a traveller or a movie maker.

7. I do it sometimes.

8. I like to give useful presents something which is good for daily use.

9. It's a philosophic question.

10. I catch colds but not very often.

11. I try to have them as often as possible.

12. No, I don't. No one does.

13. When you know that – tell me.

14. It's OK in case I have to tell something interesting or important.

15. Depending on the situation and my mood I can be shy or very brave.

16. Yes, I can. I don't have one.

17. Yes, I do. I think everyone does.

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