ОТВЕТЫ К ЛЕКСИЧЕСКИМ УПРАЖНЕНИЯМ


                                                                                       к текстам 1,2,3


1. I live in a flat in Moscow. 2. I have one sister and two brothers. 3. And I am a teacher.  4. His wife's name is Brenda. 5. I'm eighteen. 6. And I have two children. 7. Laura's boyfriend is a nurse too.  8.  I want to learn English because it's an international language. 9. I want to learn English for my job. 10. This is a photo of Patric, his wife and his children. 11.  He is nineteen and he is a student.  12. I live in a house in Fortaleza, Brasil. 13. She is twenty one and she is a nurse. 14.  I am not married. 15. She is a teacher. 16. I'm married. 17. My name is Tiago Costa and I'm a student. 18. His son's name is Benny.


                                                                                к текстам 4, 5, 6


1. What's your name, please? 2. Are you twenty three? 3. How old are you, Giovanni? 4. This is a photograph of Miguel and Glenna da Costa from Rio de Janeiro.  5. What's your job, Miss Black? 6. Are you from England Jeff? 7. Where are they from? 8. Her hospital is in the center of Rio. 9. Are you a police officer? 10. I'm a taxi driver. 11. His school is in the center of Rio too. 12. I'm not from England. 13.  Are you married? 14. And where are you from, Giovanni? 15.Good morning. 16. I'm from Rome in Italy. 17. I'm a shop assistant. 18. Miguel is from Brazil and Glenna is from Toronto in Canada.  19. And your telephone number, please?


                                                                                                                                         к текстам 7, 8, 9


1. And this man is my father Bob. 2. They are students at Camden college. 3. My sister Sally and her husband Tom have a big house in London.  4. We are happy in London. 5.  My sister Sally and her husband Tom have a big house in London. 6. Their house is in London. 7. Tom has a very good job. 8. Her school is in the center of town. 9. He is forty four and he is a businessman. 10. This is a photo of my family. 11. He's a bank manager. 12. And she has a job in town. 13. They have two children. 14. His bank is in the center of town too. 15. Our house is in San Diego.  16.  She is forty two and she is a doctor. 17. We have one child Ben and two dogs – Dylan and Dolly. 18. And he is fifteen. 19. And I'm from the United States.  20. I have a small farm. 



                                                                                                                                      к текстам 10, 11, 12


1.  You aren't English but you speak English very well. 2.  I'm a waiter and I am also a drama student. 3.  I speak three languages: English, French and a little Italian. 4. I go to bed at eleven o'clock on school days but not at the weekends. 5. I have lunch in school with my friends. 6.  I work in an Italian restaurant. 7. I like the food and the wine very much.  8.  I have a very small flat near the center.  9. And I don't play sports. 10. I leave school at three thirty in the afternoon and I walk home with my friends. 11. I want to be an actor. 12. I come from Aberdeen in Scotland. 13. Do you live here in London Woody?  14.  I eat Italian food and I drink Italian and French wine. 15. I get home at four thirty. 16.  But now I live and work in London.  17.  I have breakfast at eight and I go to school at eight thirty. 18. I don't drink beer. 19. It's early in our school.   


                                                                                                                                             к текстам 13, 14


1.  I watched the football on TV. 2. She never gets up early. 3. Then she cooks dinner and drinks a glass of wine. 4. Did you go out yesterday afternoon? 5. I worked a bit at my computer. 6. She usually goes to bed very late – at one or two o'clock in the morning. 7.  She has coffee and toast for breakfast and then she goes for a walk with her dog. 8. What did you do yesterday evening? 9. She gets home at eleven o'clock and she paints in her studio until seven o'clock in the evening. 10. After dinner she sometimes listens to music and she sometimes plays the piano.  11. Did you have a good weekend?  12.  I just stayed at home.  13.  I worked a bit at my computer. 14. Well, yesterday morning I got up early and I played tennis with some friends. 15.  I didn't go to bed late. 16. Then she cooks dinner and drinks a glass of wine. 17. You got up early on Sunday? 18.  I don't usually get up early on Sunday. 


                                                                                          К текстам 15, 16


1. And would you like a chocolate biscuit?  2.  He is married to an American and has a daughter. 3.  She works sixteen hours a day non stop.  4.  Would you like some tea or coffee? 5.  She isn't an ordinary doctor. 6. He speaks three languages: Hungarian, English and German. 7. Would you like some orange juice? 8.  He works four days a week at the University of Texas, Osteen.  9. I'd like a cold drink if that's OK. 10.  She has no free time. 11. She is a flying doctor.  12. Yes, please, I'd love some. 13. He likes playing tennis in his free time. 14. But now she lives in a small town near Nairobi, Kenia in East Africa.  15. Then she flies to help them. 16. She isn't married. 17.  He comes from Budapest in Hungary. 18. She is Canadian. 19. But now he lives in the USA.  20. Every day from eight AM to ten AM she speaks to people on her radio.


                                                                                           К текстам 17, 18


1. There isn't a television. 2.  There's a CD player and there are some CDs. 3. There are some books under one of the tables. 4. It's a very comfortable room. 5. It's next to the table with a telephone. 6. There are pictures on the wall and there are two lamps. 7. But I love it. 8. There's a small table with a TV on it. 9. My living room isn't very big. 10. There's a cat on the sofa and there's a telephone on a small table next to the sofa. 11. And there aren't any pictures or photographs on the walls. 12. And there are a lot of books.  13. There's one lamp. 14. There are two tables and two armchairs. 


                                                                                        к текстам 19, 20


1. And sometimes we went ice skating in the afternoons. 2.Yes, and usually we go to Spain. 3. We had a very good time. 4. But of course in Switzerland we went skiing every day. 5.  I can speak French very well because my dad's French.  6. My grandma makes lovely cakes and I sometimes help her. 7.  I use a computer at school and at home. 8.  It was great fun! 9. And I can cook. 10. Well, I can run fast, very fast and I can draw a bit. 11. When I am big I want to be a farmer and drive a tractor. 12. My grandma makes lovely cakes and I sometimes help her. 13. What other things can you do? 14. We love holidays! 15. I can't speak German or Spanish. 16. Yesterday we made a big chocolate cake. 17. And I know you can speak French. 18. Usually we just go swimming and sit in the sun. 19. Well, usually we go on holiday in summer. 20. In Spain we usually stay in a hotel and eat in restaurants. 21. Can you use a computer Josh? 22. Can you speak any other languages? 23.  It was good to do different things too. 24. And I sometimes play golf. 25.  I can draw planes and cars very well but I can't drive a car of course. 26. All my friends can.  27.  But last year we.. Last year we went to Switzerland and we went in winter.  28. It was lovely!


                                                                                                                             к текстам 21, 22


1They are horrible. 2. Because she lives with her father. My first husband, you know, the actor Dan Brat. 3. I think he was born in 1961 too. 4. I never watch them. 5. This is a very beautiful house. 6. My mum was born in 1961. 7. Why does Lisa-Marie go to school in the US? 8. It's our wedding. 9. I think he was born in 1961 too. 10. I know it's a funny name.  11.  I think it's a beautiful name. 12. She visits me every vacation.  13. Why do you live here in London? 14.  I was born in 1987.  15.  I hate him and all his movies.  16. Her name is Violet. 17. My little sister is Cleo. 18. I never watch them. 19. And is this a photo of you and Charles? 20.  And my grandmother ..ahh.. she was born in 1930.. something yeah.. 1932. 21. They were born..ahh hmm.. Henry in 1992 and William just one year later in 1993. 22. That's a very nice photo.  23.  It's us in Hawaii.  24. And of course, my husband, Charles, is English, and I love him, too! 25. She's OK.  26. They go to school here.  27. She was born in 1999. 28. My daughter's at school in the US.


                                                                                                                               К текстам 23, 24


1. The man in Laraque market said: 'I was happy to sell the painting but now I'm very upset. 2. I'm not wearing anything special! 3. On Sunday they went shopping in the market and they saw a dirty old painting of the Virgin Mary. 4.  I'm just wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  5. No, I'm not. I'm staying with friends.  6.  I don't want to think about it! 7. They bought it for 1,400 francs and they took it to Paris. 8. I'm enjoying it very much. 9. It was nice to talk to you. 10. In Paris, an expert said that the painting was by Leonardo da Vinci and it was worth 500,000,000 francs. 11.  In August 1999 three friends, Jacques Proust, Guy Fadat and Francois Leclerc, were on holiday in the town of Laraque in France. 12. Are you having a good time in Milan? 13.  Now Sadie, tell the listeners. What are you wearing now? 14. Are you staying in a hotel? 15. There is a big fashion show here. 16. What are you doing here in Milan, Sadie? - I'm working.


                                                                                                                          К текстам 25, 1 (elementary)


 1.  Where is he staying? 2. And we'd like a bottle of mineral water too. 3. I would like the.. roast chicken, please.  4. And how long is he staying? 5. And I'd like the seafood cocktail. 6.  By plane to Vancouver and then by train to Banth. 7. Because it's good for skiing. 8. Are you ready to order?  9. How would you like it cooked? 10. When is he leaving? 11. What would you like to drink? 12. Can I have the tomato soup, please? 13. Can I have the stake, please? 14. Just ten days. 15. And he wants to go skiing. 16. Can we have a bottle of a red wine, please?17. Is everything alright? - Delicious, thank you. 18. How is he travelling? 19. Marco's going on holiday. 20. Why is he going there?

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