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  •  1.  Where is he staying? 2. And we'd like a bottle of mineral water too. 3. I would like the.. roast chicken, please.  4. And how long is he staying? 5. And I'd like the seafood cocktail. 6.  By plane to Vancouver and then by train to Banth. 7.Because it's good for skiing. 8. Are you ready to order?  9. How would you like it cooked? 10. When is he leaving? 11. What would you like to drink? 12. Can I have the tomato soup, please? 13. Can I have the stake, please? 14. Just ten days. 15.And he wants to go skiing. 16. Can we have a bottle of a red wine, please?17. Is everything alright? - Delicious, thank you.18. How is he travelling? 19. Marco's going on holiday. 20. Why is he going there?
  •                                                                                        К текстам 2, 3
  • 1. At six thirty in the morning I'm going by taxi to the airport.2. We are staying in small hotels and hostels. 3. On Thursday I'm leaving work early and I'm packing. 4. Because I'm going there on holiday soon. 5.  I am taking just a bag and a rucksack.  6. And at nine thirty we are flying to Mexico city. 7. What are you doing? 8. Who are you going with? - My friends Ed and Lucy. 9. I am going on holiday to Mexico next Friday. 10. So on Tuesday I'm meeting them after work and we are going shopping.  11. We're leaving next Friday.  12. I'm very excited! 13.On Monday I'm collecting my tickets from the travel agent. 14. How are you travelling? 15. On Wednesday I'm seeing the doctor at eleven o'clock then I'm having lunch with mum. 16. When are you leaving? 17. You're so lucky! 18. Then it's Friday. Friday is the big day. 19. Have a good time!- Thanks very much. 20. We're travelling by plane to Mexico city then by bus and train around the country. 21. So next week is very busy. 22. I'm reading about Mexico. 23. On Monday I'm collecting my tickets from the travel agent.
  •                                                                                            К тексту 4 
  • 1. I speak Italian because my grandmother's from Italy and she always spoke to me in Italian when I was very young.2. And I come from Zagreb – the capital city of Croatia. 3.  I speak English because I went to an English speaking high school. 4. I'm twenty. 5. I can speak three foreign languages: English, French and Italian. 6. After I graduate I am going to work for “Médecins sans frontiers” in West Africa because I want to travel and help people. 7.  It's hard work but I'm enjoying it a lot. 8. My name is Maria Kudzma. 9. The course lasts six years and it's all in English. 10. And I'm studying medicine at the University of Zagreb.  11. I live at home with my mother, father and grandmother.


                                                                                              К текстам 5, 6

  • 1. There are cheap hotels in King's Cross. 2. It's very fresh. 3. Here a room is about a hundred and fifty dollars a night. 4. My girlfriend likes to go shopping on Saturday. 5. And I live in a house with my brother and a friend. 6. Sydney has the famous Bondi beach. 7. When it's wet we go to the pub. 8. People go swimming, surfing, windsurfing and sailing. 9. The best times to visit are spring and autumn. 10. My office is in McElhone street very near the Harbor. 11. There are restaurants from every country: Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. 12. A room is about fifty dollars a night. 13. I sometimes go with friends from work. 14. There are fast trains and slow buses. 15. The food is fantastic and really cheap. 16. Sydney has theaters and cinemas and of course the Opera House. 17. For night life there are clubs and bars in Oxford Street. 18. There are international hotels in the center.  19.  I work in the center of Sydney for a big international company. 20. And there are some great clothes shops in Oxford street. 21.  We often go surfing in the morning before work. 22. We go by ferry. 23. On Saturday night we often go to China town.  24. We run near the Opera House. 25. Australians eat a lot of seafood. 26. There are international hotels in the center. 27. There are fast trains and slow buses. 28. And we all love surfing. 29. Sydney has everything you want in a city. 30.The best times to visit are spring and autumn. 31. It has old and new buildings. 32. When the weather is good we go to the beach, Manly beach. 33. There are fantastic beaches. And the food is delicious. 34. In summer it's very hot. 35. There are beaches, walks, parks and cafes and of course the wonderful bridge. 36. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go running at lunch time. 37. The best shops are in Pitt Street. 38. There is a great market in Paddington.


                                                                                                   К текстам 7,8


1. Are you going back to Australia? 2. Until last year I worked in a paper factory but now I'm retired. 3. We are flying back next month. 4. My name is Jim Alan. And I come from the North of England near Manchester. 5. My son lives in Spain with his Spanish wife. 6. Are you leaving the mini in England? 7. I live alone now because my wife died three years ago. But I'm near my daughter and her family so that's OK.  8.  We stayed in Australia for over thirty years. 9. Why did you buy it? 10.  I live in a village just outside the city. 11. In 1966 I drove in Moscow, Finland and the Arctic circle. 12. And how much did it cost?  13. I never liked my job much.  14.  It helps retired people like me who want to study again and it's really wonderful.  15. When did you come back to England? 16. We married in 1967 and we drove to Australia via India. 17. The mini is travelling by ship. 18. Next year I'm going to visit them for six months. 19. I am a student again. 20. So I want my Spanish to be good. 21. Does your wife like the mini? 22. You see I left school when I was fifteen and started work in the factory because we needed the money. 23.  I'm studing with the University of the third age.


                                                                                                                                                             К текстам 9, 10


1. On Saturdays she trains with her team at the rugby club.  2. He is twenty five.  3. Carrie is twenty eight years old and lives in Cardiff, Wales. 4. She has no free time. 5. Here is an e-mail in English. 6. It's hot now and it's lovely to be near the sea. 7. And on Sundays she plays in a match. 8. Their son James is a software designer for a computer company. 9. They're all from different countries: Japan, Brasil, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. 10. She works hard as a lawyer from Monday to Friday but she doesn't relax at weekends. 11.  I live with an English family in a small old house near the center of town. 12.  I'm very happy here.  13. And on Sundays she plays in a match. 14. The restaurants and night clubs are expensive but the student bars and cafes are cheap.  15. I have classes in English at the Embassy language school.  16. She is a student at Brighton University.  17.  But she loves her job and playing rugby. 18. Robert and Valery have a daughter and a son.  19. She works hard as a lawyer from Monday to Friday but she doesn't relax at weekends.  20. He is very funny and a very good teacher. 21. And on Sundays she plays in a match. 22.  She plays rugby for the women's Welsh rugby team. 23. I'm in a class with seven students. 24. Their son James is a software designer for a computer company.  25. It's a good practice for you and me.


                                                                                              К текстам 11,12


 1.  I sometimes visit my sister. 2. But when she was twenty she retired from the cinema. 3. Also she sometimes works at Standford University for the Institute of international studies. 4. She was still a good actor but her films weren't so popular because she wasn't a little girl any more. 5. I love my job as a family lawyer because I like helping people. 6. And on Wednesday evenings I train with my team at the club. 7.  I want our team to win the next world cup. 8. She was a good student and she wanted to go to University. 9. She lives in the center of Cardiff too. 10.  Every lunch time I go running in the park near my office. 11. They discuss world problems. 12.  But when she was twenty she retired from the cinema. 13. She says: “I was a politician for thirty five years but people only remember my movies.” 14. She goes there every month and meets foreign ministers. 15. She was a good singer.  16. When she was twelve she finally started school. 17. It was a big change – from actor to politician. 18.  I studied at the studio. 19. And she also danced well.  20. She lives with her husband in California.  21. She liked acting very much.  22. She decided to change her career.  23. And the public loved her and her films. 24. She started in films when she was only three years old. 25.  On Monday and Thursday evenings I go to the swimming pool with my boyfriend Alex. 26. On Tuesday and Friday mornings I get up at five thirty and go to the GYM before work. 27. We never go out on Saturday evenings because I always play in a match on Sundays. 28. Shirley Temple Black is a retired politician. 29. After dinner we often watch a DVD.  30. She could act. 31. Fortunately I liked acting. 32. I acted in three or four movies every year.  33. But I love playing rugby too so my life is very busy. 34.  She likes cooking and playing with her grandchildren.


                                                                                                К текстам 13, 14


1. I live in Changmai in the North. 2.  I go surfing and water skiing and I sometimes go sailing with my dad. 3. We sing and dance. 4. But it is often cold in spring and autumn too.  5. They think it's always warm and sunny here in Australia but in July and August it's sometimes cold and wet. 6. Come and have a drink. 7. I ski here every winter and spring. 8. Phew, It's hot here today!  9. Look at the mountains and blue sky.  10. Isn't that amazing? 11. Here the winter months are December to February. 12. I love skiing here. 13. Daniella, can you tell your brother that lunch is ready? 14. I love going fast down the white mountain under a beautiful blue sky. 15. Do you want a coffee now? 16. How are the hamburgers? 17. Daniella, here are the drinks. 18. You are lucky. 19. Here's a joke about my country: winter is nine months long and the other three months are good for skiing. 20. So do you like Norway, Mick? 21. Can you tell me what festival is this? 22. I like the small pink and white flowers. 23. It isn't true. 24. It's quite hot in a day time and it's cold at night.  25. I like summer best. 26. My cousins in England think this is very funny. 27. In February we have lots of tropical flowers: red, orange and pink. 28. We have Thai dancing here this evening. 29. Can you speak English? 30. Spring is my favorite season. 31. I want to see that! 32. Our summer is short but warm with very long days.  33. Do you like dancing?


                                                                                            К текстам 15, 16


1. So it is both a bedroom and a living room. 2. Houses in Samoa don't have walls because it is very very hot. 3. My work place is near too. 4. We have rugs and we sit and sleep on the floor. 5. My flat is very very small. 6. We have only one room for living and sleeping. 7. Our children aren't at home now.  8. It's in the center of the village near the church. 9. I live alone but I have a cat and I am near the shops and lots of friends come to visit me. 10. So most of the time it's just Candy and me.  11. Our house is quite old, about fifty years old. 12. My bed's next to the window. 13. But there aren't any photographs. 14. There are three people in the living room: a man and a woman on the sofa and a little girl in the armchair.  15. There are two plants on the floor next to the television and some flowers on the small table next to the sofa. 16. There is a radio on the coffee table and a rug under it.  17. That is our house doesn't have any walls. 18.  We have lovely visitors from all over the world. 19. All the houses here are white. 20. And there are a lot of shops, restaurants and bars near my flat.  21. Houses in Samoa don't have walls because it is very very hot. 22. Our house is in the old style. 23.  It's a big, modern, exciting city. 24. I have a very beautiful flat. 25. But we have blinds to stop the rain and sun. 26. I have three rooms: a small kitchen, a bathroom and a room for sitting, eating and sleeping. 27. I live in the old town near the sea. 28. We have a living room, quite a big kitchen and three bedrooms, and a big veranda all around the house.  29. We have an open house. 30. But I want to marry my girlfriend next year. 31.  One very big room with one very big window. 32. There are a lot of pictures on the walls. 33. I live alone at the moment.  34. Our children aren't at home now.  35. I live and work in Seul the capital city of Korea.


                                                                                                                                                   К текстам 17, 18


 1. Were there many people? 2. What's in all these cupboards? 3. We can drink this champagne from those cups. 4. Were you at Charlotte's party last Saturday? 5. Was it good? 6. Oh, I couldn't go because I was at Sergio's party. 7. Do you have any glasses? 8. There are some cups but there aren't any plates. 9. Well, it's not very big. 10.  It was brilliant! 11. There are a lot of cupboards.  12. And I have some knives and forks but I don't have any spoons. 13. And there's a new fridge and a cooker, that's new too. 14. Why weren't you there? 15. Well, It was OK. 16. And where were you? 17. And this is the kitchen. 18. Was Pascal there?


                                                                                         К текстам 19, 20


 1. I phone home to Tokyo every night.  2. Also I have a notebook for vocabulary. 3.Was Michel Jackson famous then? 4. Dad, tell me about when I was born. 5. They are all still famous today. 6. Remember Carl Louis won four gold medals that year? 7. They all had hit records that year. 8. He became junior champion that year. 9. What's in my briefcase? 10. I have some pens.  11.  It's the best selling album of all time. 12.  Remember Margaret Thatcher was prime minister then? 13. You sing that every time we go on holiday! 14. Actually he began his second four years then. 15. His album “Thriller” came out that year. 16. And there's a dictionary, my Japanese-English dictionary. 17.  Oh and remember little Tiger Woods? 18. I don't have any stamps.  19. I write words in that every day. 20. Also I have a notebook for vocabulary.  21. Ahh, you were born in January and we left later that year and came back to Britain. 22. He was only leader for a year. 23. There are some photos of my family: my wife and my daughter. 24. He was only eight years old. 25. But who was in the White House? 26. You got a job in London, didn't you Robert? 27. Hey, 1984 was a busy year. 28. And that was the year that the Soviet leader Youriy Andropov died. 29. And of course I have my keys, my car keys and my house keys. 30. He was an actor before.



                                                                                                         К текстам 21 (а, б)


1. I was only twenty. 2. And of course they talked a lot about their children.  3. I didn't marry. 4. We both thought this wasn't a very good idea. 5. And our wedding is in the fall. 6. When my mum said to me: “ I know a nice girl for you” - I just thought: no way! 7. I'm so lucky – I married my very first love. 8.  I took my sister with me. 9. Our mothers are very happy.  10. And they decided that they wanted us to meet. 11. But I was so surprised.  12. You moved to London and had Michelle, your daughter. 13. She didn't like you, did she, Carlie? 14. He invited you, and you came.  15. They met one summer by the lake. 16. And when I saw you all the old feelings came back. 17. And I finished school and then I went to college. 18. And I took my best friend, Steve. 19. You see, my mum did this a lot.  20. And two or three years later my brother had a party.  21. I remember it well.  22.Our story is easy – we didn't do anything. 23. It was a big mistake, a big mistake. 24.And you told me you were divorced.  25. We all had a great time by the lake that summer. 26. I wasn't ready. 27. You were twenty one and just wonderful.  28. But we finally said OK, just for some peace.  29. I first met Ned when I was just ten years old.



                                                                                                     К текстам 22, 23


1. I'd like a new computer. 2. They aren't expensive these days. 3. Yesterday I did an English test. 4. She says I can only use it after school for an hour and then I stop. 5. I use the Internet at weekends because it's cheap then. 6. It helps me with everything.  7. Well, it's evening here but it's eight o'clock in the morning in Japan. 8. But my mum says I can't. 9. It was quite difficult. 10. They send me information about their families. 11. I play games and I go to chatrooms.  12. Well, my family's name is Crome and I want to write about my family. 13. I play the guitar. 14. I use the Internet a lot - every day, I think. 15. I don't have a mobile phone and all my friends have one. 16. I'd like to have breakfast in bed with the newspapers. 17.  I don't mind if it's Italian, French, Chinese or Indian. 18. And in the evening I'd like to go out with all my friends and have a great time. 19. And in the evening I'd like to go to the theater. 20. Because my computer is so old that the new programs don't work on it. 21. It helps me with everything.  22. We talk late. 23.  And then in the evening I'd like to go to a good restaurant. 24. It helps me with my homework. 25. My brother's in Japan. 26. And I can find lots of songs on the Internet. 27. It's really interesting. 28. I want to be on the web all the time. 29. I go shopping on the Internet every Friday.  30. The supermarket brings my shopping to my home. 31.  I go to my son's house.  32. And I use his computer.



                                                                                       К текстам 24, 1 (pre-intermediate)



1. Would you like some orange juice? 2. Would you like some tea or coffee? 3.And would you like a chocolate biscuite? 4. I'd like a cold drink if that's OK. 5.Anyway I know your favorite food. 6. I like all fruit – apples, oranges, bananas and I love strawberries. 7. It's funny – I like orange juice but I don't like oranges.  8. Sometimes my dad gives me some of his beer and I love it! 9. You ate all those chocolate biscuits at my house last week. 10. Anyway I don't like tomatoes. Except on pizza or with pasta and cheese. 11. I like Cola and I love beer. 12. Mm I love apple juice. 13.  But my mum drinks tea and I love tea with lots of milk and sugar. 14. I don't like hamburgers. 15. Anyway you atemore than me. 16. Boys like chocolate too. 17. My favourite dinner is fish and chips with peas. 18. I don't like fruit very much at all. 19. I don't like coffee at all.  20. And what about vegetables? 21.  I quite like bananas. 22. Do you like them?


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