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                                                                      К текстам 24, 1 (pre-intermediate)


1. Would you like some orange juice? 2. Would you like some tea or coffee? 3.And would you like a chocolate biscuite? 4.I'd like a cold drink if that's OK. 5.Anyway I know your favorite food. 6. I like all fruit – apples, oranges, bananas and I love strawberries. 7. It's funny – I like orange juice but I don't like oranges.  8. Sometimes my dad gives me some of his beer and I love it! 9. You ate all those chocolate biscuits at my house last week. 10. Anyway I don't like tomatoes. Except on pizza or with pasta and cheese. 11. I like Cola and I love beer. 12. Mm I love apple juice. 13.  But my mum drinks tea and I love tea with lots of milk and sugar. 14. I don't like hamburgers. 15. Anyway you atemore than me. 16. Boys like chocolate too. 17. My favourite dinner is fish and chips with peas. 18. I don't like fruit very much at all. 19. I don't like coffee at all.  20.And what about vegetables? 21.  I quite like bananas. 22. Do you like them?


                                                                                        К текстам 2


1. How can I help you today? 2. And I'd like some of that cheddar cheese, please. 3. Mum, I really like white bread. 4. Can we have bananas? 5. But I thought you didn't like shopping. 6. Here, take these bags for me. 7. Oh yeah, mum, look at those cakes! 8. Please, can we have it? 9. I hate shopping! 10. That's ten pounds and 85 pence. 11. Lovely and fresh these tomatoes are.  12.It's home made. 13. It's good for you. 14. Well, I'd like some apple juice, please. 15.  Oh mum, I don't like shopping! 16. How many bottles? 17. You can carry them. 18. And is there any brown bread? 19. But there is some nice white bread. 20. . need to buy your new trainers.



                                                                                            К текстам 3, 4

1. How much would you like this time? 2. Can I have a cheese sandwich, please? 3.  In my town there is a brusketteria. 4. One of my favorite national dishes is called Brusketta. 5. One dish is very famous in my country – sahatote.  6. Not every day but when I am at home we have it every Sunday. 7. They say the chef called Saha invented it there. 8. But my favorite, my favorite is .. I always have it as soon as I come home..a full English breakfast – bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and, of course, toast. 9. My family eats beaf three or four times a week.  10. It's my favorite place to go. 11. Mm, I'd like it right now. 12. My mum cooks it with tomatoes and chili. 13. This is actually toast but you make it with special bread. 14. The famous cafe Saha is in the center of Vienna.  15. There are a lot of different beaf dishes but my favorite is Beaf de Teriso. 16. Can you take me to the station, please? 17. Can you help me with my homework, please? 18.  Could you tell me the time, please? 19. Can I see the menu, please? 20. Could you lend me some money, please? 21. Can I borrow your dictionary, please? 22. I can't speak a word of French. 23. We love eating in my country. 24. One kind of food that my country is very famous for is meat, especially beaf. 25. When I am in Vienna I always go to cafe Saha for some of their cake and a nice black coffee. 26. You can eat it with a lot of things but my favorite Brusketta has tomatoes, garlic and olive oil on it. 27. My family eats beaf three or four times a week.  28. This is a small cafe selling only toast.



                                                                                                                                                           К текстам 5, 6

1. It's certainly more relaxing but that's because it's more boring. 2. New York is much more dangerous. 3. Cafes in London are better than cafes in Paris. 4. Yes, but city life's also more dangerous. 5. They are much older. 6. I prefer the country. 7. The country is slower and safer than the city. 8. No, cafes in London are much worse. 9. It's more relaxing. 10. Yes, the city is much faster. 11. The buildings in Rome are more modern than the buildings in Prague. 12. The country is slower and safer than the city.  13.  Madrid is more expensive than Rome. 14.  It's faster, more modern and more exciting than country life. 15. Madrid is much cheaper. 16. New York is safer than Los Angeles.



                                                                                                К текстам 7, 8


1. I've got a lot of new friends here. 2. And you had a nice flat in London. 3. Can I come next weekend? 4.  It's the most cosmopolitan city in the world. 5. She is the most intelligent student in the class. 6. It's the biggest house in the village. 7. But you haven't got any friends. 8. He is the most popular film star in America. 9. That house is very big. 10. I've got a surf board now. 11. How many bedrooms has it got? 12. It's bigger than my flat in London. And it's cheaper. 13. You had a good job. 14. Appleton has got a cinema, restaurants, pubs and a night club. 15. But you haven't got any friends. 16. So Andy, tell me why did you leave London? 17. Well, I got a nicer place here. 18. And the air is cleaner and streets are safer. 19. People are much friendlier than in London. 20. It's the most expensive hotel in London. 21.She is the funniest teacher in our school. 22. The Ritz is a very expensive hotel. 23. But the country is so boring.



                                                                                                                                                                К текстам 9, 10

1. Don't forget your surf board. 2. But.. I saw some big cows in front of me. 3. Turn left at the traffic light. 4. Pass the farm. 5. So I turned quickly, drove off the road through some apple trees and into a lot of mud. 6. I am fine but now I can't move the car. 7. I had a small problem. 8. Well, there were a lot of cows and they didn't look very friendly. 9. I drove down the hill. Under the first bridge and over the second bridge.  10.  Where is your car? 11. See you tomorrow afternoon. 12. Look at you! 13. Come and help me. 14. Have you got a pen and paper? 15. But why didn't you just stop? 16. Next I drove around the corner. 17. What happened? 18. Well, I did what you said. 19. So how do I find your cottage then? 20. And my cottage is on the right. 21. Then I drove along the road by the river, passed the pub and up the hill. 22. The cows aren't dangerous. 23. I still don't like the country very much.


                                                                                         К текстам 11, 12

1. They are all very nice. 2. They are dancing.  3. She is drinking a glass of red wine. 4. What about this one? 5. Ermm, that's the last blue one we have got, I am afraid. 6. I can't remember all those names. 7. She writes children's stories. 8. But we've got it in green. 9. Mmm they know each other very well. 10. He is laughing and smoking a cigar. 11. The changing rooms are over there...  12.  I am looking for a shirt to go with my new jeans. 13. Can I pay by credit card? 14. They live in the flat upstairs. 15. Mmm, what colour are you looking for? 16. He travels the world, thousands of miles every week. 17. Do you like this? 18.  Is the size OK? 19. They are not very good but .. anyway she is talking to George.  20. She and I were at school together. 21. Oh yes, I like that one much better. 22. How do you want to pay? 23. And what does Fiona do? 24. She is very nice and very rich. 25. Can you see that man over there? 26. She is wearing a red dress. 27. She lives in a beautiful old house in the country. 28. They are married.


                                                                                            К текстам 13, 14

1. I want them to be famous footballers too. 2.  In my book I am going to tell other retired people to try new things too. 3.  Why is he going to train very hard? 4. Then I want to have two sons. 5. When I grow up I am going to be a footballer, a really good one. 6. Then I am going to write a book about my adventures.  7. And I'm going to teach my sons to play. 8. In fact I want to climb mount Everest.  9. When is he going to marry? 10. Those are my favorite teams. 11. How many children is he going to have? 12. But I am going to train very hard, every day, so I can be really, really good.  13.  I'm going to try lots of new things. 14. I'm going to play football until I'm thirty five. 15. Who is he going to teach to play? 16. So I'm going to train very hard for that. 17. In my book I am going to tell other retired people to try new things too.  18.  First, I want to go mountain climbing. 19. Not until he is very old, about twenty five. 20. Then I am going to write a book about my adventures. 21. I'm in a school team and I play three times a week. 22. And I'm going to be famous. 23. I'm not going to marry until I'm very old, about twenty five. 24. I'm going to travel all over the world. 25. You are only as old as you feel.

                                                                                  К текстам 15, 16

 1. What's it going to be like tomorrow? 2. Immediately I ran back upstairs and phoned the police. 3. - What's the weather like today? 4. Then they came upstairs to find me. 5. It's snowy and it's very cold. 6. I was really frightened. 7. I could hear two men speaking very quietly. 8. Oh, it was cold and cloudy. 9. Fortunately the police arrived quickly.  10. I heard a noise. 11. It was about two o'clock in the morning. 12. It's alright now, sir – they explained, - we turned the television off for you”. 13. I think it's going to be warmer. 14. They opened the front door and went into the living room. 15. I got out of bed and went slowly downstairs.  16. And suddenly I woke up. 17. There was a light on in the living room. 18. I listened carefully. 19. Burglars!” - I thought. 20. What was it like yesterday?


                                                                                    К тексту 17 (1,2,3)


1.  Then she put on her old brown hat and coat and quickly went into town. 2. She saved every cent possible. 3. I buy hair – madam answered.  4. Della was happy because she was at the shops with money for a present for Jim. 5. Suddenly Jim put his arms around Della. 6. And this was the story of two young people who were very much in love. 7. Quick, cut it off, give me the money. 8. Suddenly she ran to the mirror and looked at her beautiful long hair. 9. I sold my hair because I wanted to give you a present. 10. She bought the cheapest meat and the cheapest vegetables. 11. But it wasn't a good job. 12. There were the combs for her beautiful hair. 13. He just looked at her sadly. 14. It doesn't matter if your hair is long or short. 15. At last she found him the perfect present.  16.  Inside was a small fat woman. 17. I look like a school boy!  18. When she first saw these lovely expensive combs in the shop window she wanted them.  19. Della wanted to buy Jim a Christmas present, something really good to show how much she loved him. 20. Give me your beautiful watch. 21. His eyes were on Della.  22. Della held them in her hand and her eyes were full of love. 23. Della ran home excitedly with the eighty seven cents.  24. But don't you love me any more, Jim? 25. Then you can see why I was unhappy at first. 26. You sold your hair? 27. At last she found him the perfect present. 28. And let's see it with its new chain. 29. Take your hat off then and show me your hair. 30. But she no longer had her hair. 31. Madan slowly touched the hair with her hand. 32. Jim had one special thing. 33. What is Jim gonna say when he sees me? 34. Della opened the present excitedly. 35. And she couldn't do anything about it. 36. Della carefully counted the money again. 37. So she sat there in her little room and cried quietly. 38. But when Jim came home she immediately put her arms around him and that was good. 39. She walked for hours around the shops to find the cheapest food.


                                                                                                      К текстам 18, 19


1. And I'd like some shampoo as well. 2. Ah, Tara doesn't mind where we go. 3.  I'm not feeling very well.  4. I've been to Italy. But I've never been to Venice. 5. I've been to Paris but I haven't been to Barcelona. 6. She's been to Mexico and Brazil but she hasn't been anywhere in Europe. 7. It's very romantic. 8. What size do you want -  small or large? 9. Hello, can I help you? 10. Where can I find them? 11. But what about Venice? 12. Yes, Paris is beautiful. 13.  I'm looking for some asperine.  14. Which one do you want? 15. For dry hair, please. 16. Ryan, where you and Tara are going for your honey moon? 17. Mmm, that's an idea. 18. And here is five pounds eighty change. 19. Somewhere in Europe, we think.



                                                                                     К текстам 20, 21


1. But I have flown in a Jumbo Jet. 2. I can't remember his name. 3. Well, we've been to St. Mark's square.  4. I do the lottery every week. 5. We had a gandolla trip yesterday evening.  6. But I've never ever won a thing. 7. I saw a famous politician at the airport once. 8. We're going early tomorrow morning. 9.  I enjoyed it very much. 10. And yes, I have worked for a big company. 11. It was so romantic! 12. Fortunately I've never been to hospital. 13. Oh, I've never cooked a meal for a lot of people. 14. But she likes it better if we go out for a meal.  15. It was too busy. 16. Have you visited the Murano glass factory yet? 17. But we haven't really decided what else to do yet.  18. But I don't like cooking much. 19. We sat outside in the sun and had a coffee. 20. And I got your horse!  21. But we haven't climbed up St.Mark's bell tower yet. 22. There is so much to see. 23. See you next week at the airport. 24. Well, I 'd like to go to the beach, you know? 25. I want a glass horse. 26. It's so hot here. 27. It's right in the center of Venice. 28. So, what else are you going to do? 29. And we've just had a fantastic boat ride along the Grand Canal.



                                                                                       к текстам 22, 23


1. Passengers are reminded to keep their hand luggage with them at all times. 2. Flight BA 516 for Geneva boarding at gate four. 3. How many suitcases have you got? 4. It's been a wonderful two weeks. 5. Here's your boarding pass. 6. Did you have a good Honey Moon? 7.  Oh, can I have a seat next to the window? 8. Nothing much has happened at all. 9. When can we see each other again? 10. Flight AF, flight 472 to Amsterdam now boarding at gate 17. 11. I can't believe it's over. 12. There it is on the departure board. 13. I'll e-mail every day. 14.  Give my love to your family. 15. And have you got much hand luggage?  16. Well, you haven't missed anything here. 17. Flight SK 832 to Frankfurt is delayed one hour. 18.  Virgin Airlines flight to New York VS 876 please wait in the departure lounge until a further announcement. 19. I couldn't hear.  20. Oh, you look terrific.

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