ОТВЕТЫ К ЛЕКСИЧЕСКИМ УПРАЖНЕНИЯМ 


                                                                                                                                            К тексту 1

1. I hope I do the same for her.  2.  I like him cause he is funny and he plays football. 3. We talk on the phone all the time, especially now because we're having a baby this summer. 4.  I like going to play at his house too. 5. He is working in Hong Kong at the moment. 6. He's got a big garden and a nice dog called King. 7. She started at my school. 8. He's like a brother to me. 9. I have three or four good friends. 10. But I think my best friend is Kirsty. 11. My best friend is called Sammy. 12. Dave was very quiet and always worked hard. 13. When we were kids we always liked the same games. 14.  And the teacher asked me to look after her. 15.  I like him cause he is funny and he plays football. 16. And he often comes to play at my house after school.  17. He sends me long funny e-mails every month. 18. We first met when we were twelve.  19. Long time ago when I was four we went to "busy be" nursary school together. 20. But we still meet once a year with our families.  21. Our mums are good friends. 22. He never remembered his house keys. 23. Me and Sammy are both six now. 24. Now of course life is very different. 25. Azam is an international lawyer. 26. When we were kids we always liked the same games. 27.  At weekends we usually go on the Internet or sometimes we go downtown to the music stars to listen to our favorite artists. 28. We grew up together. 29. Dave is a writer and lives in France.  30. I can always talk to her about my problems. 31. So Kirsty knows me better than anyone else.  32. And the teacher asked me to look after her. 33. We are both married now. 34.  I don't know why we became friends.  35. We stayed in the same house near the university.



                                                                                                              К тексту 2


1. She was really interested in my job and my time at sea. 2. So Matt which lovely lady did you choose and why did you choose her? 3. We ordered our meals and she tried to tell me why she was a vegetarian. 4. I'd like to be beside the sea of course.  5. There is a lot more I'd like to know about Beth.  6. Suddenly it was midnight and time to part. 7. And when Beth walked in I could see she was nice-looking but she seemed quite nervous, shy and perhaps to be embarrased by beeing on a date with a stranger. 8. I chose her because I liked her eyes. And because she seemed a bit different from the other London girls. 9.I told her that she was very brave to cycle in London because, you know, I can surf and swim in rough seas but I really couldn't ride a bike in the London rush hour. 10. What happened when you met? 11. I felt a bit guilty because I ordered chicken curry. 12. We both agreed that one day we'd like to move out of London and live in the country. 13. We laughed about it.  14. So tell us about the date. 15. But I liked that.  16.  But she said it's fun if you're careful. 17.  Well, they all looked lovely and at first I thought – oh, I would choose Holly. 18. Well, I arrived first at the restaurant, an Indian restaurant of course. 19. And after that she started to relax and we began to really enjoy ourselves. 20. Best of all I liked the fact that she couldn't think of anything that she hated. 


                                                                                      К текстам 3, 4


1. Anyway he is coming to see me at the bookshop next week. 2. She says: we speak French, English and a little Italian which is very useful. 3. In winter it's very cold - minus ten degrees Centigrade. 4. There are two skills that are essential these days, she says, – English and computers. 5. I'd like to go camping with him one day. 6. It's not really brave. 7. He has a really interesting job and he is very funny. 8. She lives and works in a toy factory in Guandong province, China.  9. He asked me about my job and said how brave I was cycling in London.  10. Next year I want to race in a dogs sled competition. 11. Her monthly wage is about sixty five dollars, enough to send a little back home to her family and to pay for computer classes and English classes in town. 12. It's really exciting. 13. When I'm not working or studying I sleep. 14. One day I want to be my own boss. 15. She says: I'm working with the dogs very hard at the moment. 16. I hope I'm interesting enough for him.  17. It's January now and she is enjoying her favorite sport – dogs sledding. 18. It's situated on the cost outside the town and near two national parks. 19. She's got twelve dogs and she's racing them across the snow. 20. It's the evening now and she is having a computer lesson in a private school.  21. She lives in a room with forty another women in a  factory dormitory seven hundred miles from her family. 22. She says: I haven't got any money left to buy things for me. 23. She works from eight AM to seven PM.  24. It's very tiring. 25. She has just an hour for lunch. 26. The factory where she works employs fifteen thousand workers. 27. Our guests keep us busy both summer and winter so we've always got lots to do. 28. Their guests go skiing or snowmobiling in Mont Sainte-Anne park. 29. She has visitors from all over the world.  Nearly all of them are women in their twenties.


                                                                                       К тексту 5


1. And where do you live in Valencia? 2. I'm studying English at the language school here. 3.  I've got two brothers. 4. First of all where exactly do you come from? 5. Well, your English is very good. 6. We've got a small boat in the Marina. 7. He lives in Madrid. 8. They are both older than me. 9. And they don't live at home. 10. They've got a restaurant in the old town center. 11. I live with my parents. 12. And what do you like doing in your free time? 13. Have you got any brothers or sisters? 14.  I usually go to stay with my brother Rolando.  15. I work in my parents' restaurant. 16. Where do you go on holiday? 17. I love sailing. 18. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview Miguel. 



                                                                                      К тексту 6


1. We're only open for 24 hours on a Friday night at the moment but I think that will change in the future because people want it. 2.  Are there any problems working at night? 3. I could never sleep at night anyway. 4. The main problem is that most of the customers fall asleep under the hair dryer. 5. Well, it's eight PM on a Thursday night and I'm in a BMW car factory where they make the Mini. 6. Any problems? 7. These are just some of the many people who have a different sort of life style. 8. And of course overnight workers come in after work between the hours of two o'clock and six o'clock in the morning. 9. The robots make a lot of each car but we finish them.  10. What do they do? 11. Well, it was difficult at first but it's OK now.  12. It's 10:30 PM and a lot of people are going to bed now.  13. I work twelve hours a night four times a week. 14. And what do you think of the job? 15.  My girlfriend doesn't like that much. 16. But some weeks I work during a day. 17. At night this telephone banking center only has six workers.  18. We're all good friends.  19. It helps them relax before they go to bed. 20. I work from Sunday to Wednesday from ten PM to seven AM. 21. That's when accidents happen. 22. The difficult thing is changing from day working to night working. 23. Well, I'm off to bed now.  24. I can earn much more working at night.  25. What sort of people come in? 26. Often it isn't easy to see my friends or my girlfriend. 27. Why do people work at night here?  28. Jackie is this the country's first 24 hour hairdresser's? 29. We're like a family at night. 30. They are going out and I'm going to work. 31. Well, it's four o'clock in the morning and I'm feeling very sleepy. 32. So why do you do it? 33. Customers aren't in a hurry at two o'clock in the morning.



                                                                                               К текстам 7, 8


1. Reporters from Japan, Germany and America came to film Red. 2.  All together she destroyed art worth two billion dollars. 3. Last month strange things began to happen at London's Bedsea dogs home.  4. Nobody looked at him because he was wearing a security guard's uniform. 5. He is a real celebrity” - said Ammie.   6. Mireille was so angry with her son that she went to his room, took some paintings from the walls and cut them into small pieces. 7. His mother Mireille, 53, thought all the paintings were copies.  8. They say that Mary Tilbit who started the home in 1860 comes back at night to haunt it. 9. For over six years while he was working as a lorry driver he stole 239 paintings from museums in France, Austria and Denmark. 10. Others she took and threw into the canal.  11. Next day the staff watched the film.  12. Back in his appartment where he was living with his mother he filled his bedroom with priceless works of art. 13. Red's a famous film star now. 14. Every morning when the staff arrived they saw that a lot of the dogs were out of their cages. 15. We even thought that perhaps it was the ghost of Mary Tilbit.” 16. Red a four-year-old lacher used his teeth to open the door of his cage.  17. So they put cameras in all the cages and filmed what happened. 18. Both mother and son spent many years in prison. 19. It was a mistery. 20. All the dogs got out and had a great time. 21. They were amazed at what they saw.  22. It happened so many times, - said Ammie Watson one of the staff.



                                                                                           К текстам 9, 10, 11


1.  What's the matter? 2. Well, we've got some broccoli and we've got a few carrots. 3. How much milk do we need? 4. We've got some apples but there aren't any bananas. 5. But for goodness sake don't forget the nappies. 6.  This is not your lucky day Mr. Bond.  7. Oh and don't forget your nephews are coming tomorrow. 8. What about potatoes? 9. His golden gun was pointing directly at James Bond.  10. What about orange juice? 11. James Bond came back to his hotel room at midnight.  12. Now I must get you out of here. 13. Then he had a shower and went to bed. 14. The windows were closed and the air conditioning was on. 15. He knows you are here, he's looking for you! 16. Mary, did HQ say if they have a discription of me? 17. We need something for them. 18. It just says milk here.  19. The most immediate message came from HQ this evening. 20. His heart was thumping in his chest. 21. OK, lots of crisps and ice cream. 22.  He breathed in the air with relief.  23. Oh, and a big bunch of flowers for me! 24. Don't worry about me, just tell HQ that you gave me the message. 25. A kilo is enough.


                                                                                             к текстам 12, 13, 14


1. Can I help you?  2. I really like it. 3.  I've got a bad cold and a sore throat. 4. And a book of first class stamps, please. 5. I'd like to change these dollars into sterling's, please. 6.  Could I have some tissues as well, please? 7. OK, carrot cake then. 8. Hello, I'm looking for this month's edition of VOGUE. 9. I'd like to change these dollars into sterling's, please. 10. Oh, then it's cheaper if you have a family ticket. 11. I'm looking for a jacket like this. But in black, not brown. 12. That's one hundred and fifty pounds plus two pounds comission. 13. Can I try it on? 14. The changing rooms are over there.  15. Will it get there by Monday? 16. Hello, how much is it to get in? 17. Over there, middle shelf next to Mary Claire and Cosmopolitan. 18. OK, two adults and three children, please. 19. You are in luck. 20. We've got some delicious carrot cake and chocolate cake. 21. I'm just looking, thanks. 22. Hello, I'd like to send this parcel to France, please. 23.  I gave you a ten pound note not a five pound note. 24. I'll just have a look. 



                                                                                              К текстам 15, 16


1. When I am a vet I want to have two dogs and a horse as well.  2. I'm thinking of asking my friends if they want to start a band. 3. But I'm still going to have fun – I'm seeing my boyfriend tonight. 4.  I've worked part time for a few years at Alla and Joe school for a few years now.  5. Actually I'd like to start my own business.  6. I really enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. 7. But now I'm learning to play the electric guitar. 8.  I'm going to study hard and get really good grades in all my exams so I can go to university. 9. I hope to go back to college and train to be a primary school teacher. 10. It's an important year for me at school this year. 11.  I really enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. 12.Do you travel a lot Le Roi? 13.  I just love Japanese food. 14.  It's much bigger than Berlin. 15. Which is the best city for food? 16. I'm an accountant for a big company and I visit all the company offices regularly. 17.  I worked in a bank before I had children. 18. Well, they are all big busy cities. 19. Tokyo definitly has the most delicious food. 20. Well, in some ways perhaps it isn't so interesting as the other two cities – it doesn't have historical buildings or beautiful old Japanese temples. 21. I really enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. 22. Last year I joined a travel club for people of my age.  23. I'm thinking of changing my job because I'm tired of travelling all the time.  24.  I'm looking forward to go on a world cruise with my friend Margaret. 25. For me there is no question. 26. We're going to the Caribbean. 27. And I really enjoy it.  28. So Detroit is best for music. 29. Is it even better than chicken sate?


                                                                                                      к текстам 17, 18

1. Well, I think she is the best teacher we've ever had. 2. He is also a bit crazy and great fun to play with. 3. He is the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen.  4. I also love getting phone calls and cards from my family. 5. It's the most relaxing way to end the day.   6. I am a doctor or teacher of course because I am the biggest.  7. Actually the countryside costs money because I have to drive there first. 8. Well, it's faster than my old car and more comfortable but it's more expensive to run. 9. Well, he is much nicer than Henry. 10. Our last techer was good. 11. I am always really tired after taking him for a walk.   12. Even if it's rainy and windy it's great to be outside. 13. My house is on the hill and in the evening when I look out of my kitchen window there is sometimes a beautiful sunset. 14. I work in a city so the best thing for me is being in the countryside. 15. OK, so the next best thing is going for a walk in the park near my flat after work. 16. He is the funniest person I know and the nicest friend. 17. We don't have to go out or spend money. 18. We usually play hospitals or schools. 19. Amm, well, I think the best thing for me is playing with my little sister Abby. 20. So there is time to think.  21.  I don't mind what the weather is like.  22. But he doesn't like the games I like.  23. He makes me laugh all the time. 24. She thinks I am the best person in the whole world. 25. Definitely the best thing for me is being with my boyfriend Den.

                                                                                   К текстам 19, 20, 21

1. But it is closed for lunch at the moment. 2. We'd like to take a trip on one of those buses that show you all the sights. 3. You have to leave it somewhere. 4. Is there a gift shop around here?  5. His great granddaughter Bella Freud was born in London and has worked there since 1990.  6. What do you do? 7. Prince Renier of Monaco married American film star Grace Kelley in 1956. 8. She has written some short stories and one novel. 9. I need to buy a present for my mother. 10. Could you help me? 11. Sophie Dahl has been a model since she was seventeen. 12. I've read that there is an exhibition of modern art on at the moment. 13. How long does the tour take? 14. She has been married to her third husband prince Ernst of Hanover since 1999.   15. Where did you meet him? 16. But when she was a fashion student she lived in Rome. 17.  I worked for a small publishing company. 18. We met in London at drama school.   19. And what did you do before that? 20. But you can't go on with your backpack. 21. Where can we buy a ticket? 22. It stops in twenty places. 23. How long have you had it?  24. Their daughter Caroline has had quite a tragic life – she devorced her first husband after only two years and both her mother and her second husband died in terrible accidents. 25. John Lenon started his first band when he was fifteen. 26. He didn't know his father very well. 27. Zigmund Freud worked in Vienna for most of his life. 28. You want a city sightseeing tour.  29. It'll be open again at two. 30. Did you pay a lot for it? 31. You have to leave it somewhere.

                                                                                    К текстам 22, 23

1. What hours do you work Tristan? 2.  OK, so I've never worn yellow dresses. 3. I was at Liverpool university. 4. Anyway nice to talk to you. 5. Tell me about your days. 6. I can go home but I can never relax. 7. And what are your plans for the future? 8. And what are the secrets of being good at your job? 9. Miss Moody does not want to talk about the movie. 10. Shame you missed the premier of your movie. 11. You never know if there'll be an emergency. 12. And as part of my training I came here to do work experience. 13. When I have my own practice it'll be better. 14. I didn't have to look for a job.  15.  And what are your plans for the future? 16. But also you have to be sensitive to their owners. 17. I just don't know how you guys can write this stuff about me. 18. We have a plane to catch. 19. Is it true you hate anything yellow? 20. Our reporter Askin Thompson spoke to Devina Moody outside her hotel. 21.  It was raining and I asked for an umbrella not a carpet. 22.  I've never had six bodyguards.  23. In this job you have to work very unsocial hours.  24.  In the mornings I work here in the surgery but in the afternoons I have to go out on visits often here in the countryside to farms.  25. I hear the training's quite hard. 26. And when I save an animal's life that's fantastic no matter what time of night it is. 27. How often do you have to work at night?  28. When I am on call at night I don't have to stay in a surgery. 29. And when I graduated they offered me a job. 30. Well, there's always variety and that's good. 31. Hey, Devina, is it true what we've all read in today's 'Hollywood Star'?  32. I look sick in yellow stuff. 33. They are all the same to me.  34. Have you read what the papers are saying about “The lady loves too”? 35. But the other students on my course have also got good jobs now. 36.  And when I get home after an emergency I find it really difficult to sleep. 37. Two nights ago I helped to sheep have triplets.  38.  Pets are important to people and sometimes you have to give bad news. 39. Threes quite unusial for a sheep. 40. You have to stay calm in emergencies.



                                                                                          К текстам 24, 25


1. There is a group of bullies at school. 2. This is really important.  3.  My ex-boyfriend is going to my best friend's wedding. 4. Sometimes I can't sleep at night. 5. I chat to a boy on the Internet. 6.  They are making my life miserable. 7. But ballet isn't a real job. 8. If you do go to meet him you must take a friend with you.  9. She is living in a flat in London with a boyfriend I think. 10. He wants to meet me. 11. You must tell your parents and your head teacher about this. 12.  I'm falling in love with my boss. 13. Should I go? 14. I just hope it's a nice place. 15. She went there four months ago and I'm really very worried about her. 16. She works at the weekends as a dancer in a theater or club I think. 17. We miss her. 18. She really must come home more often.   19. Should I tell him? 20. You have no idea what he is really like.  21.  You shouldn't let these cowards ruin your life. 22. Her mother went with her to help her look for somewhere to live.  23. I don't like big cities. 24. I think she should go to university.  25. Why did she have to go there? 26.  I don't think you should have relationships with people you work with. 27. But look happy and wear a fantastic dress. 28. And you don't earn much money beeing a dancer, do you? 29. My daughter Eve is living in London now. 30. But so often her mobile is turned off or she doesn't answer.  31. She says we shouldn't worry.  32. Sometimes I can't sleep at night. 33. When I do manage to talk to her she just tells us that we should get a mobile so she can text us. 34. We've never met the boyfriend.  35. And I don't like that at all. 36.  We are parents. 37. It will only cause problems at work. 38. I think you should show your ex that you're fine without him. 39. She says she is having a great time but I just think London is such a dangerous place for a young girl.



                                                                                           К текстам 26, 27

1. I haven't got much money. 2.  I love my mum and dad very much but I can't live at home for the rest of my life. 3. So I came to London four months ago to start a course at the English national ballet school. 4. Then I can send them text messages and maybe they wouldn't worry so much. 5. His parents are really kind. 6. It's good fun actually.  7. I was studying engineering in Stockholm and I knew I could earn a lot of money as an engineer. 8. We worked hard and we all felt fully qualified for the job at the end of the course. 9. Do I have to wear a uniform?  10.  I have to say that this is the first interviewing a man for this job.  11. So I stopped and decided to look at other careers. 12. Why did you choose this career, a career in child care. 13. I had to learn how to look after children properly.  14.  But it's much more than that. 15. Well, certainly a man has never applied for it before. 16. Well, let's go and meet him. 17. They really must come to London to visit me. 18. He shouldn't be. 19. And I've also got a boyfriend. 20. I'm almost nineteen nearly too old.  21. And he is doing the same course.  22. I phone my parents three times a week. 23. He still lives with his parents quite close to our flat. 24.  I want to take Marco home to meet my parents but the train journey is expensive. 25. I had to train for a year. 26. No, that's not necessary. 27. Well, before I offer you the job I'd like you to meet Jack and spend some time with him to see how you two get on together. 28. So you didn't have to do a lot of training to be a nanny? 29. My dad always sounds so worried.  30. There's lots to do and see. 31. We teach children's dance classes at a school near by.  32. His parents are really kind. 33. You just have to be careful. That's all. 34. If you want a good dance career you have to go to a good school and you have to start young. 35.  I'm living in a small flat near the ballet school with Francine, another dance student. 36. We teach children's dance classes at a school near by.  37. I want to be a professional dancer. 38. I didn't know anybody.  39. It was difficult in the beginning. 40. Actually I was the only boy on the course.



                                                                                                  К текстам 28, 29, 30


1. I've got a sore throat. 2. It could be that. Or just something that was left out off the fridge for too long. 3. Have you felt sick? 4. Oh, I went to a barbeque a few days ago and the chicken wasn't properly cooked. 5. Drink plenty of liquids and just take things easy for a while. 6. Well, I speak Spanish quite well. 7. When I'm travelling around I'll phone home twice a week.  8. I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. 9. Well, you should have a day or two in bed. 10.  Do I have to pay you? 11. I keep being sick and I've got diarea. 12. I've got stomach ache as well. 13. I'll spend about a month in Brazil. 14. No, no. Seeing me is free. But you'll have to pay for the prescribtion. 15. My whole body aches. 16. Have you eaten anything which might have disagreed with you?  17. And I'll give you something that will help with the stomach ache and diarea.  18. Well, I haven't felt very well for a few days. 19.  So I have some people to visit.  20. I'm so looking forward to go. 21. So before I go to university I'm going to travel around South America.  22. I've got an old school friend in Brazil and a pen friend in Guatemala. 23. Let me have a look at you. 24. And it hurts when I swallow. 25. Your glands are swollen.


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