ОТВЕТЫ К ЛЕКСИЧЕСКИМ УПРАЖНЕНИЯМ


                                                                               К текстам 1, 2, 3


1. I'll need to relax. 2. Remember, we're expecting a phone call from you this evening when you get there.  3. I'll work until I've saved enough money for a holiday.  4. I am going to take lots of sun cream too. 5. I just know I will! 6. I will be tired if I haven't a holiday before the term starts.  7. And don't forget to give them this present when you get to their house. 8. But what if it's the rainy season? 9.  If you are asleep when I ring I'll leave a message on the answer phone. 10. But you must look after yourself, darling. 11. Don't be silly. I won't go when it's the rainy season. 12. I'm going to Greece with some friends after the job ends. 13. I'm going to take lots of insect cream. 14. What if you get sun burnt? 15. I'll be in a car so I won't get chased. 16. But when you travel around the country will you remember to call us regularly?  17. I'm sure it won't. 18. It won't be a problem. 19. I'll have a driver and a guide. 20. I'll be happy to sleep in a tent under the stars. 21. Well, the flight takes twelve hours. 22. But what if your car breaks down? 23. And I'll phone you if I run out of money. 24. My job is to work with nurses and help the people get dressed. And I'll go for walks with them. 25. I am going on safari to Africa. 26. I want to do something useful before I go to college next year.  27. The job starts in July and it's for at least nine months. 28. It'll be so hot!  29. So I'm going to work in old people's home as soon as I finish school. 30. What time will you get there? 31. Give my best wishes to Diego's parents.  32. If the plane arrives on time I'll be there at about eleven thirty.   


                                                                                           К текстам 4, 5



1. She makes friends very easily. 2. It takes a long time to become really fluent in a foreign language. 3. I did the washing up last night. 4. I know my bedroom is in mess. 5. My sister is very popular. 6. But I still failed the exam. 7. If you don't hurry up and don't get ready we'll be late for the party. 8. Please, tell the children not to make a noise.  9.  I don't know if I want the chicken or the fish. 10. I want to take a photo of you all. 11. I get on well with her. 12. But don't get angry I'll tidy it soon.  13.  I am going to do a course in Spanish before I go to Spain.  14. I just can't make up my mind. 15. It's your turn tonight. 16. He is a rich man. 17. The doctor told me to get two tablets a day until I get better. 18. Could you do me a favor and give me a lift to the station?  19. Everybody smile.


                                                                                                      К тексту 6

1. I'm now with Anabel who works in a vegetarian restaurant in Bristol. 2. It's bad for the environment. 3.  Nowadays because travel is so cheap and easy most people have been abroad or are planning to go in a future. 4. We go and visit our friends and grandchildren and we go shopping.  5. I am now speaking to Jean Claude, a French builder from Province. 6. So there we have it – some like to travel, others can't be bothered. 7. So I saw the world forty five years ago. 8. We live in a nice part of the world. 9. So why don't some people like travelling at all? 10. When you get home you have a mountain of mail and the grass needs cutting.  11. There are usually lots of other tourists. 12.  I'm always busy and I never get bored.  13. And I sailed around the world ten times. 14. What do you mean destroying the place? 15. I think there are too many people flying to too many places. 16. Well, I've been to a lot of famous places like the Akropolis in Greece and the Pyramids in Egypt and they have too many people walking on them. 17. Oh, I love Europe for its history and tradition, its culture and beauty. 18. It takes all sorts to make a world.  19. My wife needs to be near her mother. 20. Well, I don't like some kinds of travelling because I don't really like beeing a tourist and visiting famous tourist sights. 21. It's just not worth it. 22. Well, the problem is that Roger won't go anywhere. 23. Going away is just too much trouble.  24. What else don't you like about travelling? 25.  I go skiing in winter in the Alps to the best ski slopes in the world. 26. He just wants us to have a holiday somewhere nice and hot. 27. And in summer when it is so hot I go to the Cote d'Azur and go swimming in the lovely Mediterranean.  28.  But if I tell my boyfriend this he gets cross. 29. I've been to Italy once and Greece once.  30. Tell me Jean Claude what is it about foreign travel that puts you off?  31. We should try to look after what we have instead of trying to see it all before it disappears. 32. I am now speaking to Jean Claude, a French builder from Province. 33. And what would I eat in America? 34. It's bad for the environment. 35. I would be hungry all the time. 36. So she agrees with me. 37. It's because France can give me everything I want.  38. Anyway you can see everything on TV these days.  39. So it seems a very strange idea to many of us not to go anywhere. 40. Good afternoon and welcome to this week's program “People and places”. 41. So why don't some people like travelling at all? 

                                                                                                     К текстам 7, 8, 9 

1. You go down the hill. And walk along the path, pass the pond. Over the bridge. And through the gate. 2. But the first real paper was invented in AD 105 by Chinese government official Ci Lung.  3. It takes ten minutes. 4. Finally in the tenth century paper was brought to Europe by the Arabs. 5. Then you go across the road. And take the path through the wood. 6. Today paper is used for hundreds of every day things – books and newspapers of course but also money, stamps, cups, bags and even some clothes. 7. Nowadays each person uses about 300 kilograms of paper every year. 8. Do you want shampoo for dry hair?  9. I know what you mean. 10. Have you tried choosing shampoo in a super market? 11. I can't stand it when you phone someone like British Telecom and you get a machine not a person. 12. The Chinese kept their invention secret for centures. 13. And then when you do finally make a choice you get another menu and then another and then another!  14. I use my son's computer. 15. So I said: but I only bought this camera last year. 16. Now you really got me started! 17. And the problem is you don't want any of those. 18. But it's machines I can't stand. 19. And you hear: please choose from these options – for sales press 1, to report a fault press two, to pay a bill press 3. 20.  Do I use powder or one of those little bags full of liquid? 21. I have no idea how to use the radio in my car. 22. It has a CD player and a cassette player but I have no idea where they are!  23. And what drives me mad is when I am trying to print something and the computer says – the printer cannot be found. 24. The Egyptians started to make papirus which was similar to paper.  25. The first European paper mill was built in Spain in 1150. 26.  Long ago before paper people wrote on animal skins, bones and stones. 27. And you get music forever. Until finally you hear: “your call is very important to us but all our operators are busy at the moment, please call back later.” 28. What do you mean? Computers and things? 29. I can't use our dishwasher. 30. And what drives me mad is when I am trying to print something and the computer says – the printer cannot be found.  31. And the assistant, this boy, look about fourteen said: sorry, sir, this camera is just about ready for museum. 32. I just close my eyes and choose one. 33. I tried to choose a computer in a shop the other day but I had to walk out because I didn't understand a word that the shop assistant said.  34. The thing I can't stand is choice.  

                                                                                                      № 10 текст 

1. I am not hungry. 2.  Are you leaving for school soon? 3. Do you want breakfast? 4. Did you have a nice time last night? 5. I am going right now. 6. He is going out for dinner with his family. 7. Is Bill coming round tonight? 8. I don't want any more, thanks.


                                                                                                         11 текст 


1.I don't even know how to use one. 2. We were doing the wonders of the world in school today. 3. What do you mean the dishwasher?!  4. You can put the dinner in the oven. 5. Oh, but grandpa the way things are going you'll probably be able to send your messages through your dishwasher soon. 6. But the problem is people use them too much for every little thing. 7. Well, anyway, we all said at school that the very best thing was the mobile phone. 8. Every time I use something – cups, plates, dishes, knives, forks, you know, I just put it in and after a few days it fills up. 9.  I am not very good at tidying.  10. Yeah, that kind of thing.  11. Just because you've got all these different ways to communicate doesn't mean that there is any more to say. 12. What I really hate is when people shout into them in public places and everyone has to listen to their boring conversations?  13. It helps keep my kitchen tidy. 14. You are never alone with a mobile phone. 15. Good manners certainly aren't the wonder of the modern world.  16. Sometimes it's not just boring, 17. Yeah, but the bad part is that you are glued to your computer all day.  18.  I am glad I didn't have that e-mail and text in my day. 19. Or if I need a lift from you or mum.. 20. Alright, alright, Kelly, you can stop that. 21. It's changed the whole world. And it has totally transformed my business.  22.  And we got to talking about what modern wonders would be . 23. Yeah, and the rest of the house is a mess. 24. I can call or text my friends all the time. 25. You mean when you need picking up from a friend's house in the evening?  26. Everyone at work is always on the computer checking e-mails, sending e-mails.


  № 12 текст

1. He rarely sees his children because so much of his time is spent away from home. 2. He is too busy to think  about it. 3. He works for an international company in Dallas, Texas. 4. And next week he is travelling to France. 5. It's very big with eight bedrooms. 6. If he is at home at the weekend he and his wife sometimes play golf but that doesn't happen very often.  7.  He's got a beautiful house in the suburb of Dallas. 8.  If he is at home at the weekend he and his wife sometimes play golf but that doesn't happen very often.  9. Sydney is married and has got two children aged eleven and fourteen. 10. He is paid very well but he usually has to work long hours.  11. They never have much time to relax together. 12. He says he doesn't know if he is happy. 



                                                                                                                                                                        № 13 текст

1. I have two teenage children and my wife works in the University of Iowa. 2. People think it's a joke that a man of my age with a college degree is a paper boy. 3. I usually get back home by 7 AM. 4. I'm also studying for my master's degree at the moment. 5. So I ask you – who has the better life? 6. Most of the time I have the world to myself. 7. My job isn't easy. 8. I make good money sixty thousand dollars a year for four hours work a day. 9. I drive a red Chevy Blazer and the newspapers are packed into the bag. 10. When they are sitting in an office I am playing golf! 11. I get up at 2 AM every day seven days a week. 12. Then I have the rest of the day to be with my family and do what I want. 13. I want to be a marriage counselor eventually, but I'm not in a hurry. 14. On top of that I often get fifty dollars a week in tips. 15. I finish four hours, 65 miles and 1000 newspapers later. 16. Occasionally I meet a jogger. 17. Some days I coach my kids' baseball team, other days I play golf. 18. I'm enjoying life too much. 19. I usually get back home by 7 AM. 20. Some people think it's not much of a job.


                                                                                            № 14 текст


 1. I decorate people's homes and give them ideas for furniture and lighting.  2. I am working on a hotel. 3. Do you like your job? 4. What do you do? 5. Well, I am not working on a home at the moment. 6. I'm an interior designer. 7. And what are you working on these days? 8. I am designing a new lobby for the Plaza. 9.  And what are you working on these days?


                                                                                                        № 15 текст


1. Does she speak any English? 2.  Because I love working with children and making them laugh. 3. Who are you working with now? 4.  I am exhausted in the end of each day.  5. We communicate through laughter.  6. Do you like your job? 7. Why do you like it so much? 8. What do you wear to work? 9. Isn't it tiring? 10. I have the best friends and the best job in the world! 11. Well, at the moment I am working with a very sick little girl from Bosnia.  12. She's had so many operations.  13.  I wear crazy clothes – a fancy coat and stripy tights. 14. What do you do in the evenings? 15.  I often go out with friends 16. Do you just go home and relax?  17. She is very special to me.


                                                                                               № 16 текст


1. They run a special aerobics class for us.  2. Some of the others are just babies of about sixty. 3. I am eighty five years old but I've always been interested in keeping fit. 4. I can do most of the exercises. Although there are one or two that are a bit energetic for me at my age.  5.I am one of the oldest. 6. It's a really nice morning. 7. There are between four and eight of us depending on the weather really. 8.  First thing we do is exercise for about three quarters of an hour . 9. We just wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes or trainers and apart from the music and Giuliano, lovely instructor, we don't need anything else.  10. I go once a week on Thursday morning to the local old people's day center. 11. I am quite good at it now. 12. Afterwards we all go for a cup of tea and a piece of cake in the coffee bar. 13. We go through all the exercises to music. 14. Recently I started doing aerobics.  15. It's really nice there.  16.  I go once a week on Thursday morning to the local old people's day center.   



                                                                                                 № 17 текст


1.  I have my own skis, ski poles and boots and stuff that I take with me and of course all the latest clothes. 2. I could give you your first lesson. 3. So I did. 4.  Now my instructor says I am a very good skier.  5. And now my husband has taken up skiing too. 6. If you've never been skiing you should try it.  7.  It's important to be fashionable on the ski slopes. 8.  And in fact I even give lessons to friends and my husband. 9. But my children said: you go for it, mum! 10. My husband thought I was mad.



                                                                                                                                                                  18 текст


1. It's my lucky number.  2. But we only wear this before and after matches and for training.  3. Our football coach Martin says winning doesn't matter it's taking part that counts.  4. But I especially enjoy playing it.  5. I play matches twice a week – on Friday evenings after school and on Sunday mornings. 6. My mum always cоmes to support us even when it's raining. 7. I absolutely love football.  8. And we also have football coaching on Tuesday evenings when we just practice all our football skills. 9.  And we also have to wear shin pads for protection, you know. We have a team tracksuit too. 10. I think it's just fantastic when we win.  11. And we wear shorts, socks and stuff. 12. My team isn't very good. 13. All are matching colours. 14. Maybe he is right. 15. I'm nine years old and I play for the local team at my school's football pitch. 16. In fact we nearly always lose. But we don't care.



                                                                                                                                                                  19 текст


1. Gluscap laughed and went up to the baby. 2. After he had run a few miles he stopped and listened.  3. He ran on and was never seen again in the woman's village. 4. He immediately wanted to meet him and fight him. 5. He boasted to a woman friend: nobody can beat me! 6. The baby was still screaming.  7. He is little but he is very strong.  8. Gluscap covered his ears and ran out off the tea pee. 9. Gluscap had never heard of Wassas. 10. Fight me! - he shouted. 11. Then he opened his mouth.  12. He danced a war dance and sang some war songs. 13. I know someone who can beat you. 14. Gluscap the fearless was terrified. 15. The woman pointed to a baby who was sitting and sucking a piece of sugar on the floor of the tea pee. 16. Gluscap the warrior was very pleased with himself because he had fought and won so many battles. 17. So, he was taken to the woman's village.  



                                                                                                № 20 текст


1. The next day I was lying on the beach sunbathing and suddenly another huge wave...  2.  I couldn't believe my eyes. 3. You didn't lose another pair of sunlasses? 4. And why were you swimming in your sunglasses? 5. Did you have a good holiday? 6. Well, Roy and I were at the beach near the hotel and we were swimming in the sea. 7. Anyway I had to have sunglasses, so I bought a new pair. 8. You'll never believe this. 9. Roy had given me those sunglasses for my birthday. 10.  When I looked down there on the sand right next to me were my expensive sunglasses. The ones I'd lost the day before.  11. I just left them on top of my head. 12. I'd forgotten they were there.  13. We had a great time.  14.  I was so wet. 15.  Anyway they were gone. 16. You are joking! 17. I was really upset.


                                                                                                21 текст


1. People kept asking me if I was OK.  2. Has anyone read that? 3. Everyone said it was great. 4. It's by a man called Bram Stoker and it's brilliant. 5.  Especially, you know, when it moves to him and the girl on a Greek island. 6. Hey, didn't Nick Cage star in the film? 7.  You feel really sorry for that poor monster. 8. What I've seen is excellent. 9. I could not read it. 10.  I just cried and cried. 11. Oh, well, my all time best is Dracula.  12. Yeah. And I like Dracula film. 13.  Dracular is more scarier with huge teeth that he sinks into the necks of beautiful women. 14. It was so long ago. 15. Actually I read it on holiday on a beach on a Greek island would you believe. 16. Isn't that a Harry Poter book?  17. Come on, he is right. I've seen people reading Harry Poter on the underground and I've seen the video.  18. Oh. No, no, please, no captain Corelly's Madalena. 19.  Call me old fashioned but I like tо begin a book at the beginning.



                                                                                                  № 22 текст


1.  I always have to tell my mum and dad where I am going and what time I'm coming home. 2.  Well, for one thing – you don't have to go to work. 3. And what time do you have to get back home? 4. She's always rushing around and she has to go to work as well. 5. Sarah, tell me about school. 6. There are millions of rules. All of them stupid!  7. It doesn't matter because you never have enough money anyway. 8. Come on Linsey, adults can do all that too. 9. We can't wear make up, we aren't allowed to chew gum, we aren't allowed to bring mobile phones to class. 10.  I feel more sorry for my mum than my dad. 11. Well, speaking of school I've got to go. 12. He has to drive over 500 miles a week. 13. And you are not allowed to buy whatever you want. 14. She doesn't have to work on Thursdays and Fridays but she still has lots of other things to do in a day like shopping and cooking and taking me to dance classes. 15. So, do you think your dad has an easier life?  16. Well, adults have to worry about paying the bills and taking care of their family.  17.  And you can go out with your friends and you can go shopping and you can go to the cinema and... 18. They can't always do what they want when they want. 19. OK, OK. Life is tough for kids. 20. And if you break one of the rules you have to stay after school. 



                                                                                              № 23, 24 тексты

1. When should we go to Thailand? 2. You must make sure you eat well.  3. I can't wait to get going.  4. You mustn't drink too much beer. 5. Sounds like a good idea to me. 6. I can't stop thinking about this trip. 7. You must phone us if you are in trouble. 8. You mustn't go out when it's dark. 9.  I think we should take traveller's checks. 10. You must look after your money. 11. You mustn't talk to strangers. 12. Well, I don't think we should go during the rainy season. 13. What do you think – should we take cash or traveller's checks?  14. You mustn't go anywhere that's dangerous. 15. You must have a bath regularly. 16. I'd rather go in February or March when it's drier. 17. I spend all my time just looking at maps.


                                                                                           25, 26 (а) тексты


1. You can see that in Japan you should try to be modest and you should not to show off too much. 2.  I come from Nogano, Japan. 3. You serve the customers. 4. Here is your hat and your name tag. 5. And when they give you the gift they say – I am sorry, this is such a small gift.  6. Welcome to Burger Heaven Dave! 7. When they tell you what they want you have to enter it in the computer and when they've finished you should rеad back what they've ordered. 8.  So, ermm, what time do I have to start? 9. You say: good morning! Or whatever the time of day. 10. Then you take their money and you put together thеir food. 11.  If you don't understand our culture you may think this is very strange. 12. They wait until they can't see them anymore. 13. Then we must spray all with water to show that we welcome our guests with cleanliness. 14.  When we have foreign guests we try to serve traditional Japanese meals like sushi, tempora or sukiyaki but when we have Japanese guest we serve all kinds of food such as spagetti, Chinese food or stakes. 15. When the meal is ready the hostess says: we have nothing special for you today but you are welcome to come this way.  16. In my country we usually invite guests home at the weekend for dinner and about seven o'clock in the evening.  17. And can I help you? 18.  You have to wear the same uniform that everyone else. 19. Remember, you must always be polite.  20. Before they come we must tidy the front garden and clean the entrance hall.


                                                                                               № 26 (b,c)  тексты

1. That is why it's called “pot luck”. 2. At the shuhascu we cook different kinds of meat on long metal skewers over an open flame. 3. It's a fun, relaxed way of getting together with friends or family. 4.  If the weather is nice we have it outside in the garden. 5.  It's a surprise having a dinner party and not knowing what you are going to feed the guests. 6. We like to have people over for lunch and they usually get here around noon.  7. They are given a choice – a starter, main course, salad or vegetable, or a dessert. 8. All I have to do is make one dish myself and get cups, glasses and knives and forks together and supply the drinks.  9. These are very popular in this part of Brasil. 10. People come about eight in the evening and stay till midnight or even later. 11. People stay a long time.  12.  But what about the food? 13. We all sit around and play cards or just talk. 14. We usually have potatoes, salad or rice as side dishes. 15. We have all kinds of meat: beef, pork and maybe Brasilian sausage. 16. There is no set time for dinner to end. 17.  If people want to bring something I tell them to bring something for the meal like a bottle of wine or something for dessert. 18. Sometimes until two in the morning, whenever people start getting sleepy.  19. As the guests arrive they put their dish on the table and people help themselves. 20. My name is Kate. And I am from Bristol in England.


                                                                                               № 27, 28 тексты


1. Will you turn down that awful music? 2. I'm going shopping. 3.  I have a meeting with a webdesigner and a programmer about our new website this afternoon. 4. Don't forget we are playing tennis with Dave and Donna this afternoon.  5. Could you do me a favor? 6. Let me see if we have another pair in your size. 7. All the sudden the phone rings and my boss says. 8. Yes, I bought these shoes here two days ago and the heel on this one is already broken. 9. Would you mind to ask the programmer to call me? 10. It depends on how much time I've got. 11. I have a question for him about the budget. 12. Would you mind to ask the programmer to call me? 13. Do we need anything?  14. I'll get a loaf. 15. Don't worry, I won't forget. 16.  It's on my list. 17. Sorry to interrupt, darling, but I think the baby is crying.



                                                                                                  № 29 текст


1.  it's a long drive and it's right in the middle of the countryside.  2. The charges're looking beautiful. 3. That can't wait to be the baby's room ready? 4. Have you got the plane tickets? 5.  It's our big day soon.  6. Have you remembered your swimming costume is here? 7. They are with passports and traveller's checks. 8. Tom if it's a boy and Nathalie if it's a girl. 9. Yes, and I have all the kitchen things packed too. 10.  I hope the weather is good. 11. What time are the roommates coming?  12. I can't wait to be there. 13. I put them in my case with the fifteeen books. 14. What time is the taxi coming? 15. What's the name of the hotel we are staying at? 16. And the hotel is getting ready for the reception. 17. Have you packed the books and the pictures from the living-room?  18. What about tennis rockets? 19. It's packed.  20.  And there is a honey moon in Rome. 21. Yes, it makes such a difference, doesn't it?                                                        

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