1) 1.I learn English (the English language). 2. He learns French ( the French language). 3. She knows Italian (the Italian language). 4. We know foreign languages. 5. What foreign language do you learn? 6. What foreign language does she learn? 7. Why do you learn foreign languages? 8. Why do they learn English? 9. When do they learn English? (When do they have English lessons?). 10. They have English lessons on weekdays. 11. They have lessons in the morning. 12. Do you have lessons in the evening? 13. When do you have lessons? 14. Where does he have Spanish lessons? 15. Why does she learn Spanish?



2) 1. Where do you work? 2. Where do you live? 3. Where does she live? 4. Do you watch TV? 5. When do you watch TV? 6. How many hours a day do you watch TV? 7. When do you meet them? 8. We meet them at weekends. 9. I meet my wife after work every day. 10. I meet my friends on Saturday. 11. We go to a pub. 12. They come to our place. 13. We have parties every weekend. 14. I have much work to do on weekdays. 15. I finish my work at six o'clock in the evening.



3) 1. I like to write letters. 2. Do you like to write letters? 3. What does he do? 4. I watch TV. 5. We read books in the evening. 6. They go to work every morning. 7. What do you think about it? 8. Why do you want to learn German? 9. Do you want to learn Chinese? 10. Where does your family live? 11. Why doesn't she live with her family? 12. Why doesn't he want to live with his family? 13. Does she have any  children? 14. Do you like to play football? 15. I don't like to write long letters. 16. What do you discuss at meetings?


4) 1. How many lessons do you have today? 2. 2.I have five lessons today. 3. I don't want to go to school today. 4. He doesn't want to go to work today. 5. His sister likes to discuss her friends. 6. He always has many problems. 7. I don't have any problems with English. 8. I know this foreign language very well. 9. He likes to play games with people. 10. His company cooperates with American and European partners.


5) 1. My daughter goes to bed very late. 2. He doesn't like to go to bed late. 3. She wants to have a good salary. 4. They come to us every evening. 5. He is always late for his work ( to be late for). 6. My girlfriend visits me every day. 7. We like to meet often. 8. They sell their house. 9. They want to buy a flat in town. 10. He doesn't like to work. 11. I want to discuss this problem with you.


6) 1. We work. 2. We work at an office. 3. They work in an office of a big company. 4. They work in the head office of a big trading company. 5. He studies at school. 6. He goes to school in the morning. 7. He comes back from school in the afternoon. 8. He does his homework at home. 9. Then he watches TV and plays computer games. 10. He goes to bed at twelve o'clock.


7) 1. She reads books. 2. She reads books every day. 3. She reads books at home every day. 4. She reads books in the evening every day. 5. She likes to read books. 6. She lives in Moscow. 7. She has a flat in Moscow. 8. She lives here with her family. 9. She has a husband and two children – a son and a daughter. 10. The children go to school. 11. The husband works at an office. 12. He is a lawyer. 13. She is a manager in a big company. 14. She likes her job. 15. She loves her children and her husband.


8) 1. My brother has a good job. 2. He has a good salary. 3. He is a good specialist. 4. He is a manager of a sales department. 5. He knows three foreign languages. 6. He works with foreign partners. 7. His colleagues like him. 8. He goes on business abroad. 9. He visits European countries. 10. He meets foreign partners and discusses problems of business and cooperation.


9) 1. He works very much. 2. He lives at work. 3. He works six to seven days a week. 4. He doesn't have weekends. 5. Even at home he works all the time. 6. He never has free time. 7. Even at night he thinks about his work.


10) 1. Do you sell your flat? - Yes, I do. 2. Why do you sell it? - Because I want to live in another city. - Don't you like this city? 3. Where do you live?- I live in the city center. 4. Do you have a flat or a house?- I have a flat.


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