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                                                                          Ответы к упражнениям на Present Simple часть 2


1) 1. I live in Moscow. 2. I don't learn French I learn English. 3. Do you copy English texts at home? 4. Many workers of our factory live in the city center. 5. We don't speak Russian to our teachers in class. 6. Do you have dictations every day? 7. Every morning foreign engineers come to this Ministry. 8. He is not a worker, he is an engineer. 9. Do you go there after lessons? 10 Every evening we meet these boys here.


2) 1. Where do you work? - I work at a factory. 2. Do your sons learn English or French? - They learn French. 3. When do you have English lessons? - in the evening. 4. What do you read every morning? - I read newspapers. 5. Where do they go every evening? 6. Do you do many exercises in class? - No, we don't. 7. Do they speak English? - Yes, they do. 8. Do your sisters live in Moscow? - No, they don't. 9. What foreign language do your friends learn? 10. What language do you usually speak in class?


3) 1. I often write to my sister. 2. They sometimes send me English books. 3. Do you always read English newspapers? 4. When do you usually visit your friends? 5. Do these boys sometimes meet their sister after lessons? 6. Do you usually speak English to your friends? 7. I don't always learn new words. 8. They don't often go to that city. 9. These students have dictations very seldom. 10. Now we meet them seldom. 11. New flats are usually good. 12. The texts of this textbook  are sometimes very long. 13. Big cities are seldom clean. 14. French films are very often good. 15. The marks of this student are always good.


4) 1. My sister lives in Minsk. 2. She doesn't often write to me. 3. Does she often write to you? 4. My friend works in a school. 5. He doesn't go there every morning. 6. Does her friend have English lessons every morning? 7. Our teacher speaks English and French. 8. This boy doesn't do exercises at home. 9. Does he learn English or German? 10. He knows this girl.


5) 1. My friend lives in this city. 2. I write letters every morning. 3. These students always come in time for their lessons. 4. Do they usually go home together? 5. Do you like to get letters? - Yes, I do. 6. It is a very good magazine. 7. Our new engineer sometimes translates letters of foreign firms. - Does he translate them well? - Yes, he does. 8. My son always comes in time for his classes. 9. She likes this film but I don't. 10. Which of your friends usually gets good marks? - Tom does. 11. This pupil always does his homework very well. 12. Do you usually go home together? 13. Do you revise the grammar rules at home or in class? 14. Whose is this book? I like it. 15. Which of you lives in the center of Moscow? 16. We don't learn new words in class. We do it at home. 17. How well does he translate from Russian into English?- I don't know. 18. How often do you get bad marks? - Very seldom. 19. Do you often get telegrams? 20. How do you like it here? - I like it here. 21. How do I get to your office?


6) 1. We work much on Saturday. 2. He asks few questions in class. 3. He has English lessons many hours a week. 4. We usually discuss many issues in class. 5. I don't like to write many letters. I like to get many letters. 6. He reads few French books. 7. Which of them translates many articles from Russian into English? - Petrov does. 8. I know very little about them. 9. How many foreign languages are you going to study? 10. She works much and usually gets many good grades. 11. We speak Russian little at English lessons. 12. Who knows many French words? - We do. 13. We know many French words but few English words. 14. Every day we get many foreign magazines and newspapers. 15. You work little together. 16. She likes to walk much. 17. We read little in class. We read a lot at home. 18. He works very much. He works six days a week. 19. We do many exercises in class. 20. Many engineers of our office learn foreign languages.


 7) 1. Who knows this person? - I do. 2. What usually stands here? - A chair does. 3. What firm receives these letters? 4. Whose magazines are on this table? 5. Which of you translates from Russian to English well?


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