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1)   1. We learned English at school. 2. We knew many English words but we forgot them. 3. They bought a new house. 4. My wife told me about it. 5. The doctor came in time. 6. We read an interesting book yesterday. 7.  We asked him to meet us at the railway station. 8. I heard your words very well. 9. We saw a good film last night. 10. He came back home late. 11. We had a long conversation. 12. We discussed his problems. 13. She brought me some soup. 14. He met his friend in town. 15. She had a visitor an hour ago. 16. They spent their time in the country. 17. They helped us last time. 18. I thought about it before. 19. He gave me an interesting article to read. 20. Police caught a killer in the forest.


2)    1. We saw a big house. 2. She broke the vase. 3. They sold their car last year. 4. We bought a new flat in Moscow. 5. We met our friends in the theater. 6. She saw him yesterday. 6. They knew the man many years ago. 7. She told me about her favorite hobby. 8. They showed us her private room and led us to the sitting-room. 9. He broke his leg and couldn’t walk for two months. 10. She kept that secret from her parents. 11. My boss gave me a positive response. 12. We forgot that story but we heard it again last night. 13. I knew how to thank him. 14. They swam in the sea when they were on holiday. 15. He spent his best years in a village (in the country). 16. When he was a child he took an interest in reading. 17. She couldn’t help you although she wanted to do it. 18. They learned that from your father. 19. She left her school and started to work at a saloon. 20. He had much work to do last week.


3)    1. Last time I saw them in a supermarket. 2. I never saw her again. 3. He wrote a business letter and called his partners. 4. She thought I went out for lunch. 5. He put his money into his  pocket and went to a bank. 6. I knew that family well before they moved to another town. 7. We spent summer in the country. 8. She saw him on Wednesday. 9. He bought a ticket and went to London. 10. She was at home when you came. 11. He lit a cigarette and smoked. 12. We sold our piano last month. 13. She led me to a private room. 14. Our neighbors built a new house last summer. 15. He broke his car in a car accident. 16. She spoke English well before but now she forgot it without practice. 17. She loved her job but she had to leave the company. 18. He worked on land but then he left for a city. 19. She went to a night club last Friday and she met a new boyfriend there. 20. He fought another boy in class and the teacher asked his parents to come to school.


4)    1. We helped her last time. 2. She taught children at school when she was thirty. 3. She wore a new dress and a nice hat. 4. I heard his voice in a distance. 5. Her new surname became Webster after she got married. 6. We all saw that film many times but couldn’t remember how it ended. 7. They lost their last chance to see him. 8. We won the game and got a prize. 9. He wrote a book and published it last year. 10. We lost the way and decided to return to the place where we started. 11. He drank a cup of coffee and put it on the table. 12. We had a meeting this morning. 13. He spent last year in Australia, he learned English there. 14. He couldn’t speak German last year. 14. They were very busy with their work. 15. She went to hospital last winter.  16. We had a good date. 17. I took her to a restaurant. 18. She spent much money on a new car. 19. He wrote a message this morning. 20. They caught a cat on the table.


5)    1. The cat ate all the meat on the table. 2. He stood there waiting for her. 3. She knew I was there. 4. My daughter heard her words well. 5. He found a new flat. 6. I felt terrible when I saw them together. 7. She was very beautiful before but she changed. 8. The children hid behind a bush. 9. We went to school together. 10. He came to see me last Tuesday. 11. I meant to say something different. 12. He flew from Rome this morning. 13. I spoke to her last Sunday about it. 14. She was very happy. 15. We were at home when we heard a scream. 16. I got this letter yesterday. 17. We thought you were at work. 18. He grew flowers in the garden. 19. He ate the cake this morning. 20. They drank two bottles of wine.


6)   1. He took a chair and broke the window with it. 2. He grew very old. 3. They got married last spring. 4. My friends brought me a really good present. 5. We knew where he went. 6. I lost my time with him. 7. She cut her finger and screamed. 8. Alice drew a really beautiful picture. 9. He fed his cat and let him out. 10. I put the book on the table. 11. I forgot to send him money. 12. She brought me some soup. 13. He burnt his hand and cut his finger but completely forgot about it when he broke his leg and lost his mind.

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