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  1. 1) 1. I am watching TV. - And what are you doing? - And I am reading a book. 2. What are you telling your friend about? - I am telling him about a new project of our company. 3. They are working on this project. - Don't disturb them. 4. What is she thinking about? - She is thinking about the task which her teacher has given to her. 5. What is he looking for? - He is looking for a pen, he needs to sign some documents. 6. Are you listening to me? - Of course I am listening to you. I am just thinking about your words. 7. What is she talking about? - Never mind. Just sit and listen. - I am listening but I can understand nothing. 8. Look! She is driving a car on her own! 9. What is Mary writing? - She is making a presentation of our company's new product. 10. Why aren't they helping him? - Just go and help him yourself.





2) 11. What are you discussing now? - We are discussing the new conditions of cooperation with our main supplier. 12. I am opening my business. I am having much work to do now. - Good luck to you. 13. I am working really hard these days. - Why are you watching TV now then? 14. They are listening to music at this moment. 15. We are writing a test now. 16. We are reaching an agreement on this issue right now. 17. Where are you going? - I am going home. 18. We are launching a new project. - Keep me informed. 19. Listen! She is playing the piano for us. 20. We are hurrying to catch a train. Call back later.




  1. 3) 21. My sister is coming tomorrow. 22. Some guests are coming to us in the evening. 23. I am writing a report. Wait, please. 24. What is it? It seems like the house is falling down! 25. I am lying on the beach, sunbathing, enjoying my holiday and I don't want to think about my work. 26. Who is he talking to now? 27. What are you talking about? 28. What are you waiting for? - Just go and call him! 29. Where are you? What are you doing now? - I am driving to my work. Why? - Hurry up! The director is waiting for you, he wants to ask you about the project you are working on now. 30 We are preparing a last month report.




  1. 4) 31. What are you discussing with your colleague now? 32. Stop talking! I am reading! 33. Turn off the light – I am sleeping. 34. Are you sleeping? 35. Is she having lunch now? 36. I am going to open an account in your bank. 37. We are listening to you. 38. Why are you sitting and doing nothing? 39. Where are they? - They are playing chess in the living-room. 40. And what are you waiting for? - She is not coming to ask you about it. 41. I am having many exams this week. 42. What is she working so hard on now?




  1. 5) 43. Who are they meeting at the railway station now? 44. Who is he writing a letter to now? 45. Who are you doing it all for now? 46. It is raining now. 47. Is it snowing outside? 48. Who are you calling? - I am calling our manager. I am going to ask him some questions. 49. Look! He is playing football for the first time. 50. Hurry up! We are going to be late for the meeting! 51. What are you going to do? 52. I am washing the dishes. Help me. 


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