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Ответы к упражнениям на Past Simple часть 2



1) 1. We finished our work last week. 2. Two years ago she didn't work in the institute. She worked at an office. 3. They came back home at eight o'clock in the evening. 4. Last year he lived and worked in Odessa. 5. We decided to send that telegram yesterday. 6. We discussed these issues on Friday. 7. The day before yesterday they played football. 8. Last Wednesday we revised the 7th lesson. 9. She looked at the blackboard and wrote down the new words.


2) 1. Who decided to answer her letter? - We did. 2. Who did you thank for the books? 3. When did you receive them? - Last Wednesday. 4 Where did you work five years ago? - In the Ministry. 5. Which of them translated the 3rd lesson yesterday?- Nick did. 6. How long did the lesson last? - 45 minutes. 7. Whom did you return these magazines? 8. Where did he decide to go for the weekend? 9 Who did you discuss this issue with the day before yesterday? 10. Did you live in Kiev or Minsk then? 11. Last year we worked much at French.


3) 1. Where were you an hour ago? 2. When was he in Minsk last time? - Last year. 3. They weren't in the institute in the morning. 4. Who were you with in the Ministry that day? 5. Were you at school or at home at five o'clock in the afternoon? 6. What kind of man was he? What did he do? (What was he?) 7. How many times a week were you in the institute last year? 8. Were you an engineer or a student three years ago? - I was a student then. 9. Yesterday was Sunday. 10. Was the weather cold here last week? - No, the weather was very good. 11. Were you a good or a bad student? 12. I was a good student. 13. Which of you was in the hospital yesterday? - I was there with Ann. Peter wasn't there with us.


4) 1. Yesterday I met Marry in the Ministry. 2. Did you spend much time on your homework? 3. What time did you go to bed yesterday? - I read a book and went to bed at eleven o'clock. 4. When did you see her last time? - Last Tuesday. 5. I woke up and got up early today. 6. Last year we read interesting books at German lessons. 7. What time did you begin to work yesterday? - After lunch. We had little work to do. 8. I didn't know him two years ago. 9. Many students got good marks for the dictation. 10. The teacher went into the classroom and said: “How do you do”. The students stood up. 11. Last year we didn't learn French. We learned English. 12. Boris read the tenth lesson very well. 13. The lessons were over early today. 14. The weather was good and I with friends went to the park. 15. Whom did you give my book then? - I gave it to Nick. 16. I met her the day before yesterday and she told me about it.


5) 1. After lunch he decided to go for a walk. 2. The lecture lasted for two hours. It was interesting. 3. Last year he often stayed at the factory after his working day. 4. I saw my friend's name on the letter. 5. The weather was good and the children asked us to take them to the park. 6. Peter asked me for my article. 7. We played volleyball till the evening. 8. He didn't spend much time on his homework. He knew the subject very well. 9. She asked me many questions again. 10. I went to bed late and didn't go to sleep at once. I opened a book and began to read it. 11. Where did you skate last time? - In the Central park. I met many friends there. 12. Did you spend much time on this exercise? - No, I did it quickly. 13. Whom did you see in the room? - My children's friends. 14. We decided to visit our teacher on Friday.


6) 1. When did he return you the magazines? - The day before yesterday. 2. The weather was bad and we stayed at home. 3. When did you see this interesting film? - Last week. 4. Last year my friends' son didn't go to  the institute. He worked at a factory. He liked his work. 5. The weather was good that morning. I woke up early, got up at once and went out for a walk. 6. When were you in the theater last time? - One month ago. 7. What do you like to spend your money on? - On books. 8. On Monday evening we stayed in the institute after lessons. We decided to discuss two interesting issues. 9. What did he work so hard at last month? 10. Which of them returned on Friday morning? 11. Till what time did you play chess? - Till eight o'clock. - How often do you play chess? - Not very often. 12. What was the weather like that day? - It was Saturday. The weather was warm. After breakfast we went to the country to visit our parents. We spent our weekend there. 13. Were you happy to meet (see) them again? - Yes, very much. 14. Who were you with in the theater last Saturday? - With Alex' friends. 15. Last year I often played chess with my daughter's friends. 16. Till what time were you in the institute yesterday? - I was there till 4 o'clock.


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