Standard topics for discussion at pre-intermediate level





  1. Favorite subject at school

  2. The visit card of the district where you live

  3. Your favorite cartoon or movie

  4. The most interesting places of your country

  5. Your most favorite dish

  6. Your daily time schedule

  7. Try to think of a business plan for your own business

  8. Credits & banks

  9. Having a car what it means

  10. Some people poison homeless dogs..

  11. What do you like most a cat or a dog?

  12. What would you tell your former classmate you have not seen for 10 years?

  13. What education do you want your kids to get?

  14. Describe a modern woman

  15. Describe a modern teenager

  16. Who is your best friend?

  17. An ideal life style for you

  18. What is perfect holidays for you?

  19. If you were a president what changes would you bring to the country?

  20. Would you like to be a special agent and work for FSB?

  21. Why do you think people start wars?

  22. If you were a gifted scientist what fields of science would you explore?

  23. What do you think about human population growth?

  24. What is going to be the food of the future?

  25. What has changed in your life understanding during the last 10 years?

  26. What countries would you like to visit the most?

  27. Would you like to live in a tropical climate?

  28. Would you like to learn dancing?What style?

  29. Can you call the main Russian rivers?

  30. Could you name the best cities or places in Russia?

  31. What do you know about England? America? Australia? Canada?

  32. Where do people speak English?

  33. Why is English so popular?

  34. Why is it important for people who work in multinational corporations to know English?

  35. What other languages would you like to know? Why?

  36. What new subjects should we study in schools?What would you change in school program?

  37. What are the most powerful countries in the world?

  38. What are the most dangerous places on the planet?

  39. What planet will people inhabit next?

  40. Would you like to travel in space?

  41. Do you believe in parallel worlds and after life?

  42. Do you like watching science fiction movies?

  43. Do you believe in UFOs, aliens or cosmic life?

  44. What killed the dinosaurs?

  45. Why did the Soviet Union collapse?

  46. How do you think is life better now than it was in the USSR?

  47. What programs do you watch on TV?

  48. What are your most favorite web sites?

  49. Who is going to be the next president in Russia?

  50. What are the most important skills a person should know today?

  51. Would you like to do business with your friends, family or employ strangers?

  52. Would you like to have a big family?

  53. Do you believe that through hard work you can get everything you want?

  54. Are you a lazy person?

  55. Do you plan your day in advance?

  56. Do you like going to see a doctor?

  57. How can we improve our life?

  58. What things do you think you absolutely must try in this life?

  59. Have you ever worked with a difficult person? What was it like?

  60. Would you like to work from home? Why?

  61. How do you usually get to your work/school?

  62. What would you like your kids do to make you feel proud?

  63. Would you like to be a politician?

  64. Do you have a good sense of humor?

  65. Do you understand your children/parents well?

  66. Is it a sacrifice to be married?

  67. Is it important to keep some money in a bank?

  68. Is it important to have useful connections?

  69. How do you usually celebrate holidays?

  70. Could you live in a small city or a village?

  71. What are the best things of our civilization?

  72. Would you like to try your chances as an actor/actress or a singer?

  73. Do you often get bored?

  74. Do you have enemies?

  75. If you had more free time how would you spend it?

  76. Would you like to go far away on a long ocean cruse?

  77. What things would you like to change in your life?

  78. What would you change in your appearance?

  79. Would you like to have a twin sister/brother?

  80. Would you like to be immortal or at least live three hundred years? What would you do if you had this opportunity?

  81. If not Moscow what city would you choose for living: London, Paris, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Petersburg?

  82. Are you afraid of insects or any particular animals?

  83. Would you like to get a career promotion, have a higher salary but more responsibility and work longer hours?

  84. Did you like chemistry when you were at school?

  85. Do you believe life in Moscow is dangerous?

  86. What things can't we buy?

  87. Does comfort mean a lot for you?

  88. Do you walk a lot or you prefer going by car?

  89. What is the best sea in the world to your opinion?

  90. Would you like to live at the seaside?

  91. Are you afraid of immigrants from other countries?

  92. Are you ready to go to the North of our country and work there for a few years for a high salary?

  93. Would you like to live in a foreign country for some time?

  94. Would you like to work for a big western company?

  95. Do you listen to the radio? Where? How often?

  96. How often do you travel? Where to?

  97. Would you like to do anything creative? Are you a creative person? In which way?

  98. Did you have any problems in University?

  99. Do you have any bad habits?

  100. Do you have many friends?

  101. Are you a born leader? Are you the heart of a company?

  102. Do you play any musical instruments? What instruments would you like to play?


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