Упражнение на Пассивный залог


1. He was called. 2. She was written to. 3. We were met. 4. He was told about. 5. They were called. 6. You will be told. 7. She is told this every day. 8. Peter is always asked. 9. We are always called in the morning. 10. My friend will be answered next week. 11. You will be shown everything. 12. They will be soon brought your present. 13. They will be asked to go out. 14. She was told the whole truth. 15. We were asked about nothing. 16. Were you called yesterday? 17. Will they be written to tomorrow? 18. Mary is brought flowers every day. 19. Their friends are never invited to dinner. 20. The vase was broken. 21. The book was taken. 22. The wine was drunk. 23. The keys were lost. 24. The work will be done. 25. The houses are built. 26. Are you asked at the lessons. 27. We are always waited for. 28. He is often forgiven. 29. We were made to do that. 30. They were forbidden to come late. 31. His words were heard. 32. Her cat was taken to the hospital. 33. Is JUlia asked about it every day? 34. You will be invited tomorrow. 35. He wasn't invited yesterday. 36. We'll be let to be late. 37. Will he be brought a new magazine? 38. Nick was made to write a test. 39. His parents were asked to come to school. 40. The book was written in 1980. 


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