ОТВЕТЫ К ЛЕКСИЧЕСКИМ УПРАЖНЕНИЯМ 


                                                                              № 1 текст


1. Well, I'm having my hair cut tomorrow afternoon so that'll take a while.  2. We can have a coffee and do our work.3. So we'll meet tomorrow at five o'clock at the internet cafe. 4. What are you doing today? 5. We need to meet some time this weekend to talk about our project. 6. Well, this afternoon I've got a dance class but I'm not doing anything this evening.  7.  I'm going shopping this afternoon. 8. Are you going out in the evening? 9. And this evening I'm going ice-skating. 10. What about you?  11.  I don't know. I might be free. 12. Yes, I am going out for dinner with a couple of friends.



                                                                                       № 2 текст


1. Further east across the Apls from Switzerland into Northern Italy there are the remains of another weather system. 2. If you are lucky enough to be going to Southern France or Spain you'll find the best of today's weather. 3.  There'll be stormy weather during the day with thunder and lightening bringing over two inches of rain to some lowland areas and heavy snow to the mountains.4. Strong winds along the southern French coast could spoil your evening walk. 5. There'll be stormy weather during the day with thunder and lightening bringing over two inches of rain to some lowland areas and heavy snow to the mountains. 6. The winds will be light coming from the south but it will feel very pleasant. 7.  Not bad in central countries, warm and sunny in Spain, cool, wet and windy in parts of Italy and Switzerland, oh, and stay away from those Scottish mountains unless you are wearing warm clothes. 8. So, it will feel very chilly everywhere. 9.  And it will be a lot brighter than in recent weeks. 10. Temperatures around five or six degrees at best and the rain but much lower in snowy areas where they will stay around freezing all day. 11. Along channel coast especially there maybe a little rain at first with temperatures reaching only eight degrees. 12. But it's not all good news. 13. So, that's it. 14.  In land however there will be more sunshine and showers with all areas becoming warmer and drier as day goes on. 15. So, it will feel very chilly everywhere. 16. Towards the end of the day temperatures could be as high as fifteen degrees in these regions. 17. The winds will make it feel much cooler for the time of year with temperatures struggling to reach ten degrees and watch out for early morning fog. 18. And here is the weather for some popular destinations in Western Europe for the next twenty four hours.



                                                                                         № 3, 4 тексты


1. I'll ask her tonight. 2. I can't wait to meet her. 3. What does she look like? 4. You all made me feel so welcome. 5. And I'd love to do that. 6. Both my brother and I could take you to a Nori Ban, a singing room. 7. She called her parents and she felt much better after she'd spoken to them. 8. My aunt wаnted me to stay longer but I wanted to see my parents and my brother San Chu. 9.  It's a bit like karaoke.  10.  I can't wait to meet her. 11. Well, she likes dancing and so do I. 12.  It was so hot – it was over thirty five degrees all the time but I absolutely loved it. 13. She has big brown eyes and long dark hair. 14.  I'd like to call you. 15. Let me know if you ever want to visit Seul. 16. What would she like to do? 17. Our student from Seul arrived on Monday. 18. But she has invited me to go back.  19. Do you like the picture of San Chu and me? 20. I really enjoyed meeting your friends. 21. You know that on my way home I stopped to visit my aunt in Perth. 22. Oh, she is really pretty. 23. Get a pizza, go clubbing?  24. I'm thinking of going next year. 25. Dear Sandy and family, I just wanted to say “thank you” for having me as your guest in your beautiful home. 26. Why don't we do something with Sun Hi this weekend? 27. But you were so kind that I soon stopped feeling homesick.  28. We both like listening to the same kind of music. 29. What's her name? 30. I can't find the words to tell you how grateful I am.



                                                                                             № 5, 6 тексты


1. I worked for the BBC world service. 2. I've travelled to most countries in South America and many countries in Europe. 3. Have you ever lived abroad before? 4. And why did you go to Japan? 5. I work for Intertech Publishing. 6. And when did you live abroad? 7. We publish international business magazines. 8. Have you travelled a lot? 9. Well, in fact, I was born in Argentina and I lived there until I was eleven. 10. Who do you work for now, Nancy? 11.  I've worked there for nearly five years. 12. I went there to interview some Japanese business leaders.  13. And how long have you been in charge of Eastern Europe publications?  14. As you know this job is based in Geneva. 15. And how long have you worked for them?



                                                                                                № 7, 8 тексты


1. Two Spanish novelists have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature. 2. Company director Paul Swan has been forced to resign because of a financial scandal. 3.  Two thousand workers from a UK car factory have been laid off due to a slow down in the economy. 4. The world champion runner Came Quick Silver has failed the drugs test at the Olympic games and is expected to be disqualified.  5. Desmond Lewis has been knocked out in the fifth round of his heavy weight championship fight in Las Vegas. 6.  Convicted murderer Charles Watkins has escaped from Belmarsh prison in South London.  7. Maria Martin, the famous ex-model, has left three million pounds to her pet cat Fluffy. 8. An eighteen year old student has been elected mayor of the town in California.  9. A priceless Van Gough painting has been stolen from an art gallery in Mardid. 10. Hurricane Jeffrey has hit the Caribbean causing wide spread damage in Puerto Rico. 11. Here are today's news headlines. 12.  A “sunny vocation” cruise ship has sunk off the coast of Florida near Miami.  13. Floods killed at least twenty people and two hundred more have been left homeless in the West country.



                                                                                                     № 9 текст


1. How long have you been retired now grandpa? 2. I can get out a lot. 3. Oh, I know that, grandpa. 4.  I've been on all sorts of special holidays. 5. I remember when you retired and they gave you that gold watch.  6.  I've just taken up golf, you know.  7. Thirty five years we were married, thirty five years and still as much in love as the day we met.  8. I do appreciate companies since your grandma died. 9. I go to the golf court twice a week. 10. I saw him two years ago.  11. They are what a lovely couple. 12. We never go anywhere interesting. 13. Oh, Philipe, don't wish your life away. 14. Looks just like your grandma.  15. I loved every minute of it. 16. Oh, these package holidays are so good for people like me.  17. You've not met your Australian cousins, have you? 18. Grandpa, next time, please, think of me. 19. Oh, Philipe, you know, your mum and dad wouldn't let me until you finish your exams.  20. All I have to look forward is exams and more exams and then years and years of work! 21. But you know I've also been to Spain and Marocco and Turkey.  22. Well, I know you went to visit uncle Keef in Australia and you've just come back from a cruise around the Caribbean. 23. We all loved her so much.  24. When you are older I'll tell you about the American widow I met. 25. She is beautiful. 26.  Don't you want a companion? 27. But she seemed to like me.  28. She was a wonderful lady, your grandma. 29.  You are so brown. 30. We all miss her so much. 31. We went to Wales together last Easter. 32. Oh! I miss good old Rover. 33. It's a wonderful sport for an old man like me cause it's not really a sport at all. 34. I've got my health so I can do a lot.  35. Don't you get bored? 36. No, I don't think I've met them. 37. One job for forty years! 38. I loved every minute of it. 39.  But I don't think I need another dog at my age. 



                                                                                                         № 10, 11 тексты


1. Would you like to hold? 2.  I think he's got my number. 3. There is no one here to take your call at the moment. 4. What will you do if you don't like farming either? 5. There are lots of cheap old farms.  6.  Can I have extention 2173, please? 7.  Can I speak to Tom Cameron , please?  8. Please, leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 9. We'll have no troubles finding somewhere. 10.  I'm afraid she isn't at her desk at the moment. 11. You don't earn much growing lemons. 12. But I'll give it to you again just in case. 13. Can I take a message? 14. Do you want to hold? 15. You're both mad. 16.  I'm afraid, Mr. Jackson is in the meeting. 17. I think you'll regret it. 18. The line is busy at the moment.  19. I'm putting you through now. 20.  I'm phoning about a letter I got this morning. 21. And we won't need a lot of money to live there. 22. We'll only know if we don't like farming when we try it. 



                                                                                                         № 12, 13 тексты


1. I look forward to that. 2. Well, as soon as we find a place to live we'll send you our address.  3. They will tell me at the next few days. 4. You'd better get going. 5. If they offer me the job I'm going to accept it. 6. Mmm, I can always e-mail you.  7. If I am late for the interview I'll be furious with myself.  8. I'll see you this evening.  9. I hope the trains are running on time. 10. And I would like to contact you. 11. Good luck with the interview. 12. They will tell me at the next few days. 13. Well, I'm going to take the children to the kindergarten before I go to work. 14. When will you know if you've got the job?  15. Don't forget to pick them up as soon as you finish.  16. And David, I promise, you'll be our first guest when we move into our new home. 17. But you'll have to wait until we've set up our computers.  18. Will you keep in touch with friends? 19. Are you going to work now?



                                                                                                        № 14, 15 тексты


1. I'll still live in the same area because I like it so much. 2. Was the weather hot? 3. But my dad was really furious. 4. Was it good? 5. I'd give up my job and travel anywhere, everywhere. 6.  And I would have lots of land so I could have peace and quiet. 7. I'd spend it all on myself. 8. It was absolutely superb. 9. As for the dessert it was absolutely delicious. 10.  I bet she was really happy. 11. And then I'll buy my own island in the Caribbean and I'd give lots of money to charity. 12. How long was your flight? 13.  Well, the main course was really tasty . 14. When I got home I had to tell my parents I'd failed the exam. 15. We went out for dinner at that new restaurant last night. 16. I'd buy a nice house in the country. 17. I'd fly to Mars on a space shattle. 18. She was absolutely thrilled. 19. You must be really tired. 20. I'm absolutely exhausted. 21. But it wouldn't change me. 22. I wouldn't give away a penny. 23. I'd make it the best place I could. 24. Is it true that Liz won the lottery? 25. She won two thousand pounds. 26. We had a wonderful time at the beach last weekend. 27. We went out for dinner at that new restaurant last night. 28. We went to the cinema.  29. What did you do last night?


                                                                                                               16 текст


1. Amnisty International tries to help these prisoners in two ways – first by publicising their cases and second by putting pressure on governments to practice human rights. 2. WWF directs its conservation efforts towards three global goals. 3. It is independent of any government or political party and has over a million members in a hundred and sixty two countries.  4. It is dedicated to protecting wild animals around the world and the places where these animals live. 5. There have been no crops and the animals on which many people depend died long ago. 6. WWF is the world's largest and most effective conservation organisation. 7. Amnisty International works to free all prisoners of conscience anywhere in the world.  8. We are supplying towns and camps with food and medical supplies but our efforts are drops in the ocean. 9.  No pound or penny will ever be better spent or more appreciated. 10. Your help is needed now before it is too late. 11. Firstly, it works to save endangered species like the black rhino or the giant panda; secondly, it works to establish and manage national parcs and wild life reserves arround the world; thirdly, it works to address global threats to our environment such as pollution and climate change. 12. Please, give all you can. 13. We need a hundred times more food and medical supplies as well as doctors, nurses, blankets, tents and clothes.



                                                                                                              № 17 текст


1. If I were you I'd get a better job.  2. Why don't you ask your parents? 3. You ought to ask your boss for a pay rise. 4. Do you want to watch the news? 5. And I don't get paid for two weeks. 6.  Well, it's a beautiful day. 7. Well, you would better get a loan from a bank then. 8.  Why don't we go for a walk? 9. No, I'd rather do anything but that. 10. Mm, I'd rather watch the Simpsons.  11. Good idea but I've tried that and it didn't work.  12.  But really I don't think you should go out so much.  13. Oh, well, I suppose, I could lend you some money. 14. OK, shall we see what's on television? 15. I'd rather work out my problems for myself.  16. I'm broke. 17.  What am I going to do?



                                                                                                                 № 18 текст


1. Some ups and downs but we all had fun, didn't we? 2.  I don't realise we've taken so many of us all. 3. Next time go around the trees. 4. Brings back memories, doesn't it? 5. Is that when the plaster comes off?  6. Still missing the snow and the mountains? 7. I'll call again soon Carl. 8. But at least that happened at the end. 9. Julia picked them up today. 10. Shall we go again next year? 11. I miss you all. 12. Feeling better? 13. It's too tiring walking with these crutches. 14. I can't wait to have two legs again. 15. All of us together on Bob and Marsia's balcony with the mountains and the snow in the background.  16. We're both fine. 17.  You only missed the last two days. 18. By the way. Have you got all your photos back yet?  19. That view you had over the car parc was awful. 20. Yeah, The airline phoned and put it on the next flight.  21. But she says she'll only come if I don't break a leg. 22. Yeah, the memory of me skiing into a tree. 23. And I don't come back from the hospital for another week. 24.  I have to sit down most of the time. 25.  Marsia was very relieved. 26. No. And I'm bored to death. 27. And it was noisy too. 28. All in all I suppose it was a pretty good two weeks, wasn't it? 29. We didn' t have any view of the mountains. 30. What about that one with the amazing sunset behind the hotel? 31. Thanks, send her my love too.  32. Anyway, how are you? 33. They are good. 34. It's a good one. 35. We e-mailed to Nargee yesterday but I don't know if we'll get any money back.



                                                                                                                 № 19 текст


1.  I think our other relatives, my rich cousins in the city envied us.  2. But the seven of us all got along very well.  3. And I was still her little sister. 4. Six out of the seven of you are still alive.  5. Now my brothers and I are busy taking care of them.  6. We wrote to one another. 7. We had old bikes, old clothes but we had lots of freedom. 8. But then she became a nun and went to Africa for twenty three years. 9.  When she came back... It was shortly after my husband died. We became very close. 10.  I think it was very difficult sometimes to have hand me down clothes. 11.  I think the main advantage is that we learned how to enjoy life without having a lot of money. 12. And I was sad that we didn't go away on holiday like some other children. 13.  In the city they have to wear nice suits and behave correctly. 14. I'm the youngest of seven children. 15. Well, when we were small my older sisters often took care of us.  16. How has your relationship with her changed over the years?  17. My oldest sister is still alive aged 93. 18. How did you all get on together when you were children? 19. And our whole relationship changed and we became quite friends. 20. Of course we still phone each other all the time and see each other whenever we can. 21.  What do you see as the main advantage and disadvantage of coming from such a large family?  22.  That means we have four generations there this year. 23. Julia was the sister who used to on her holidays used to take me for walks and so on. 24. There were four girls, two boys and then me. 25. But it's different now of course. 26. And we have a big family reunion every year. 27.  My granddaughters just had twins.



                                                                                                           № 20 текст


1. Some people who come from large families might envy you because you had all of your parents' attention. 2. Well, you know what it's like being a teenager – the kind of unsure how to deal with things and how to deal with people, especially parents. 3. I'm an only child. 4. But she moved away and that was sad. 5.  What about now that you are an adult? 6. So, I'm the one who's left totally responsible for my mother. 7.  I had lots of cousins and most of them lived in the same town. 8. Yes, but I think it has negative side as well as its positive side. 9. You are married now with two children of your own. 10. It would have been nice to have a brother or a sister to talk to. 11. There is nobody else to help at all. 12. So we played together all the time.  13. Was that a conscious decision to have more than one child? 14. I'm the one who has to look after her if she has a problem and help her if she needs help in any way. 15. Do you have any brothers or sisters? 16. She was the same age as me and so she was a bit like a sister I suppose. 17. So what was it like growing up as an only child?  18. When I was little I liked it. 19. Were you happy?  20. And I had the best friend who lived next door to me. 21. So we played together all the time.  22. It was hard to find myself and my place in the world, I suppose.



                                                                                                           № 21 текст


1. He's been asking me for a mobile for years because all his friends have got one, - explained Lionel.  2. So Tony has been working on Saturdays.  3. I thought texting was much cheaper than phoning. 4. I've been going to bed at two last night.  5. A Manchester teenager has received a phone bill for over 450 pounds after sending 3500 text messages in just one month.  6. But he and his mates are texting crazy. 7. He's made his son promise to pay back the money. 8. I reckon it will take me about a year to clear this debt, - he said. 9. I finally bought one for his birthday because he's been doing so well at school. 10. His father said, - I have forgiven him but I am angry with the phone company as they are encouraging this craze. 11. But now his father Lionel has taken it away.  12. Tony Russel has had his new state of the art mobile phone for only three months.  13. He has found a job in a shoe shop. 14. They do it all the time. On buses, in the street. 15. They've got textitus. 16. Sometimes my hand hurts from pressing the buttons so much.  17. They even text each other from different sides of the school playground. 18. But I was having such a good fun that I couldn't bare to stop.  19. So I've been texting my friends all day long and even into the early hours of the morning. 20. So far he has paid back 46 pounds. 



                                                                                                              № 22 текст


1. So, what led you to have such a love of dolls?  2. I was going to ask – is there one room where you don't allow dolls? 3. Well, they look immaculate. 4. How many dolls do you have in your collection? 5. My son, he is thirty three now, he went off to college and I filled his room with dolls in two minutes.  6.  I didn't play with dolls much when I was a girl but these aren't children's dolls that I collect. 7.  When I opened my business “dolls at home” two years ago that was the message I wanted to get across to all art lovers that dolls are another art form. 8. It has an elephant mask. 9. So I realised that I needed a different appartment. 10.  I mean sometimes when people visit there is nowhere to sit – it's a problem. 11. There is always room for another doll.  12. So, what about keeping them clean?  13. Some of them are really quite amazing. 14. Yeah, that's a problem too. 15. You see the mask goes up and it's a little boy's face. 16. What does your son think of all this? 17. New York is dirty. 18. It goes down and it's an elephant's face. 19. But I don't want them under glass. 20. Oh, I would say I think maybe three hundred. 21. So I realised that I needed a different appartment. 22. I travel all over. 23. You know, he thinks I'm sort of crazy. 24. Have you always loved them? 25. Actually there were dolls in every room even in the bathroom and the kitchen. 26. I want to enjoy them. 27.  I wanted to show off my dolls. 28. He loves this appartment but he can't understand - why you fill it with dolls.  29.  If you are a real collector you always find room. 30. I'm sure you are right. 31. I go to doll shows 32.  I suppose they should be under glass . 33. I think he was impressed.  34. It was his first time. 35. Well, that's great, Andrea. 



                                                                                                          № 23 текст


1. My dad took me to see it. 2. It's worth a lot of money now.  3. Then I started collecting everything Star Wars – space ships, space stations, posters, videos... 4. Oh, and do you mind talking about your Star Wars collection? 5.  I collected the figures first. 6. I think they really like Star Wars too. 7. You seem to have a lot of pieces in your collection. 8. And which character did you like best? 9. I'm not sure, because most of my collection is at my parents' house in Philadelphia. 10. I even had Star Wars pijamas and Star wars underwear. 11. And did you play with other kids who collected Star Wars stuff? 12. I think he was my favourite. 13. When I was a kid my mum gave me Star Wars birthday parties and bought me Star Wars cereal for breakfast. 14. And I just loved it, loved the story, loved the idea of being in space. 15. You know I still have that Hen Solo action figure. 16. I think I saw it ten times. 17. But I moved to New York about five years ago when I got a job working for a bank on Wall street. 18. There are these little metallic figures, models of the characters in the movie. 19. And which character did you like best? 20. First of all just a little bit about you, Jeff. 21.  Well Star Wars was one of the first movies I ever saw. 22.  But I like it because it was the first Star War thing I ever owned. 23. I'm not sure, because most of my collection is at my parents' house in Philadelphia. 24. A real Star Wars family then. 25. No, I don't have the time, really. 26. I don't have room for all it here in New York. 27. We even called our family dog Princess Leya. 28. Sometimes I think I might sell it.  29. Oh, that would be something, wouldn't it? 30.  How did you get so many? 31.  So, how did you get interested in Star Wars? 32. About how many pieces do you have all together? 33. Аnd the collection just grew and grew.  34.  I loved making up all these Star Wars stories about the characters. 35. Other times I think I might just keep it, give it to my kids some day.



                                                                                            24, 25, 26 тексты


1. Can you tell me if there are any good restaurants near by? 2. Now, what's happening today? 3. Well, they are really in love, aren't they? 4. Most banks don't close until 5:30 on weekdays.  5. I've got a meeting this afternoon, haven't I? 6. The CN tower is very close. 7. No, you are free for lunch.  8. OK. I'll do them now.  9. It's in Tom's office at three o'clock. 10.  I'll be happy to try. 11. Hi, I've just checked in and I wonder if you could help me. 12. Oh, I'm sorry but I can't remember which restaurant you suggested.  13. Paul and Mary aren't in love, are they? 14. Oh, and I need to cash some traveller's cheks but I don't know what time the banks close.  15. Thanks for your help. 16. And the meeting's here, isn't it? 17. It's so romantic, isn't it? 18. It's casual but they have a very good food and light music in the evenings. 19. They are on your desk waiting for you. 20. They are mad about each other. 21. But some have extended hours.  22. Well, first, I'm not sure if we are near the CN tower.



                                                                                                  № 27 текст


1. You broke that vase, didn't you?  2. No, I haven't paid it. 3. Let's look at the map. 4. You haven't bought me a ring, have you? 5. How much did it cost? 6. Well, there are not many police officers on this mountain. 7. Helen didn't win the lottery, did she? 8. We don't ever want to be apart, do we? 9. She won two million pounds. 10. You didn't forget to bring the map, did you? 11. And we'll get married and have lots of children, won't we? 12. She isn't going to give it all away, is she? 13. Well, I certainly wouldn't.  14.  I dropped it.  15. You'll replace it, won't you? 16. I think we are lost. 17. No, you paid it, didn't you? 18. It wasn't that much, was it?  19.  Have you paid the electricity bill yet? 20. Not many people would do that, would they? 21. Well, we could ask a police officer, couldn't we?  22. How are we gonna get back to the camp so without a map?



                                                                                                       № 28 текст


1. Some time ago I got dressed ready to go to work. 2. I was sitting and reading on a train revising for my exams and the inspector came to check my ticket. 3. You see, when I was a child I lived with my parents in Newcastle but we moved to Plymouth when I was ten. 4. And suddenly I remembered that I'd finished university and I was two hours late for work. 5. I am studying law in London now. 6. And one day for some reason rather than going to work for nine o'clock I got the bus and went to the university for an eleven o'clock lecture. 7. Last year I finished university and I got a job in the same town Canterbury. 8. He looked at it and said: thank you, sir, we'll be in Newcastle in about an hour. 9. How could I be so stupid?! 10. And.. in the end of last term I packed my suitcase as usual and went to King's Cross station to catch the train home. 11.  I was sitting there in the lecture room and I thought to myself – why don't I know anybody? 12.  I put on my smart black suit. 13. Just before I got on the bus I looked down and I was still wearing my fluffy pink bedroom slippers. 14. I'd been working at home the night before preparing for a very important meeting the next day. 15.  I left home and walked down to the bus stop. 16.  I don't want to go to Newcastle.  17. My parents live in Plymouth. 


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