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  1. What are the most important skills you learned from school/university?

  2. Should we continue our education through our lives?

  3. What’s the most difficult thing about bringing up children? How should parents build their relationship with their own children?

  4. How much time should we spend with our children to bring them up well?

  5. Would you like to escape from a daily routine? How?

  6. Do you always inform your family about things you do and places you go?

  7. Do you consult anybody or ask for permission when you want to do something or you behave mostly on your own?

  8. How often do you behave strangely and do any silly things just to fill your life with new experiences and feelings?

  9. Do you sometimes feel any pressure from the people who surround you?

  10. Do you often think about changing your job?


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  1. Do you think your talents are not appreciated in the office and the worst person gets a promotion while your position in the company remains the same?

  2. Are you jealous for other people’s success?

  3. Do you like being on display and surrounded by people or you’d better prefer to be hidden from the eyes of the public?

  4. What characteristics should a boss have?

  5. What characteristics should an employee have?

  6. Are you a fan of any singer or any actor or a football team?

  7. What’s your attitude to sport events?

  8. Do you watch TV news? What ideas do you most often get from TV news?

  9. Do you worry about things like economic crisis or depression or presidential elections?

  10. What are the brightest memories of your childhood?

  11. Are you afraid of flying after you hear about an air craft accident with a great number of human casualties on TV or radio?

  12. Do you like taking part in any social events or activities?


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  1. Do you think people should be allowed to buy weapons easily and keep them at home?

  2. Do you think people should have access to a free education in universities?

  3. Are you ready to pay more taxes and retire later to improve our roads, and quality of social services?

  4. Would you like our country to open borders with western countries and our citizens get an easy access abroad without applying for any visa?

  5. Are you afraid Russia will become overcrowded with immigrants from Asia and Africa? 

  6. What global problem would you like to solve in the first place?

  7. What is your most favorite English name?

  8. Do you believe the natural resources are expendable?

  9. Would you like to try anything risky and dangerous to get an unforgettable experience?

  10. What is your boss like? How does he look?

  11. What is the strangest thing that has ever happened in your life?

  12. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened in your life?

  13. Do you have your own views on different subjects or you stick to herd mentality?

  14. Do you try to test new things or you are conservative and dislike any changes?

  15. What things do you usually wish your friends and colleagues for their birthdays?

  16. Do you always remember for a long time if anybody hurts you? Do you always hurt back?

  17. Should we have a death penalty in our country for most brutal murders?

  18. Do you like telling people what to do?

  19. Do you get angry when people don’t do as you tell them to do?

  20. Do you sometimes feel you are wrong or you are always right?

  21. What mistakes have you made?

  22. Are you an emotional person? Do you always control your emotions? Do you appreciate reserved, reasonable and cold minded people?



  1. Do you often feel tired and need to relax?

  2. What are the reasons for you to learn this language?

  3. What do you usually do when you get bored?

  4. How do you think America and Europe are going to lead in the 21st century or they will soon be replaces by China and India on the global stage?

  5. Could you live in an Asian country?

  6. Would you like to live a few years in Africa to get new experiences?

  7. How should we keep our health?

  8. Do you pay much attention to what food products you buy in shops and what are their ingredients?

  9. What extra classes would you like your children to have?

  10. How have the new technologies transformed our lives?

  11. Did you spend much time reading books when you were a kid?

  12. Do you believe computer games are an evil for children that cannot be tolerated?

  13. What are the most attracting places for you in your city?

  14. Do you like arguing with other people or you let them think as they want?

  15. Do you care about what people think of you?

  16. Clothes of what colors do you like wearing?

  17. How do you usually celebrate your birthdays?

  18. Do you read any newspapers or magazines?

  19. Would you like to live in the center of Moscow?

  20. How do you usually spend your weekends?

  21. How much time do you usually spend on your way to work/school/university?

  22. Do you go to a GYM or any health center?

  23. Do you like to live in a private house or a flat?

  24. Do you have any conflicts with your colleagues or neighbors?

  25. Do you think Moscow is an expensive city?

  26. Does your work bring you satisfaction and self-realization?

  27. What motivates you in life?

  28. How much time do you spend at your computer?

  29. Do you think computers and cell phones are harmful for our health?

  30. Have you got any ideas about how to strengthen one’s character and motivate oneself to do great things?

  31. Do you like helping people for free?

  32. What do you think about brands & images in our life? How do they influence on people’s behavior and ideas?

  33. Don’t you think that for many people images they create and impression they produce today is getting more important than real facts of their lives?

  34. What is your attitude to people who try to look and behave more important than they are and try to impress you with some cheap tricks?

  35. How often do you feel you need changes?

  36. Are you a self-reliable person or do you sometimes feel you cannot handle a situation by yourself?

  37. Would you agree to work less but during the night time?

  38. Are you interested in history and archeology?


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  1. Do you have a passion for collecting anything?

  2. Would you like to have more friends?

  3. If you had a chance to travel across Russia what places would you go to?

  4. How would you present yourself at a job interview?

  5. What do you want to do in a future, in ten year time?

  6. If you had an opportunity to stop working but still get money for living what things would you do in your life?

  7. Do you help your children with their homework/your parents with housework?

  8. What presents do you normally give and what presents do like to get?

  9. What is the best present you have ever got in your life?

  10. Do you often catch colds?

  11. How often do you have holidays? How did you spend your last holidays?

  12. Do you like getting up early?

  13. How to start a conversation with a beautiful girl/a handsome boy who you don’t know?

  14. Is it OK for you to deliver a speech in front of a huge audience?

  15. Are you a shy person?

  16. Can you imagine your life without a car?

  17. Do you have any dreams?


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