About myself


Hello. My name is Peter. I live in Moscow, Russia. I am twelve. I go to school. I like to study. I learn English. I have three English lessons a week. I am a good pupil. I have six lessons at school every day. I have many friends in school. We have a good time. We play football and basketball after lessons. I live in a flat with my family. I have a mother, a fathre and a sister. I like to read and play computer games at home. I have a cat. Its name is Murzik.


My hobby


I have many interests. I like to read books, watch films, play computer games when I am at home. I like to play football and basketball with my friends outside. I also like to learn English. I like to watch cartoons and films in English. I like to read stories in English. We discuss interesting topics with our teacher at school, write compositions on interesting topics. I like taking photos. When I go to the seaside with my parents I always take many photos. My father has a video camera. I sometimes take it and shoot films with my friends. It's very funny.




I have many friends in school. So I like going to school. We play together after lessons. We like to play sport games such as football and basketball. We like to spend much time together. My friend's name is Nick. He has a funny dog and we often play with it. I also go to his home to play computer games. I think we all need friends. If you have a problem they will help you. If I don't know how to do my homework we do it together with Nick. He is a good pupil and always helps me.  



I like to travel. I often go on busines trips. They are very interesting. I visit different countries, meet new people, taste local cuisine. But I can't relax at work. We always discuss important projects at business trips, attend conferences and presentations. So I always think of my work. I can't take my family with me. Of course my company pays me for my trips and that's good. But most of all I love going on holiday with my family. Yes, I have to pay for my holiday myself but I can relax and stop thinking about my work. It's very nice. I like going to the seaside to warm countries, swim, sunbathe, go on different excursions. It's always very interesting to travel. We always learn something new and interesting.  




There are many different holidays in Russia. But I think we have two most important holidays a year. They are birthday and New Year. We get presents, have parties with relatives and friends. My birthday is on the twelfth of April. I celebrate it with my family. My mother cooks lots of delicious food. We invite many guests. All the world has fun at New Year. The atmosphere is special. Everybody is happy. Of course we have many other holidays – Christmas, The Victory day, the eighth of March and others. Each of them is interesting in its own way and has its own tradition.  


Sport in our life


Sport is very important for everyone of us. It helps us to be strong and healthy. So we have three sport lessons a week at school. We play sport games – fottball and volleyball at sport lessons. We like these lessons. We have lots of fun with other pupils. But I think people must go in for sports all thei life and not just at school. Sport helps to look good. That's why many young people go to GYMs these days. It's a part of modern life style. Men like sportive women and women like sportive men. There are many types of sport - sport games, martial arts, different exercises and aerobics. You can choose the ones you like best.  




Many people love animals. Especially children love them. It's very important to teach kids to look after animals. In future they will have to look after their families? Their own children. Many families have cats and dogs. Cats are very kind, soft and funny. Dogs are very friendly and faithful. But you have got to take care of your animals. It takes time and money. You have to buy special food for animals. If you have a dog you need to walk with it very morning and every evening. It teaches children responsibility. Some people prefer to have fish, a perrot or a tartle at home. There are also many other types of pets. You choose the one you like the most.




Everybody loves weekends. All people love to relax both adults and children. People usually have two days off a week – Saturday and Sunday. In summer many people like going to the country and spending time in the nature. In winter people are more likely to spend their weekends at home. But even in winter you can have a rest with your friends or find a leisure to your taste. You can go to the theater, cinema, visit a museum or a picture gallery. You can do some sport. In summer you can go for a walk or jogging in the park, play tennis or football with friends. And in winter you can go skiing or skating. Many people do their shopping at weekends, buy food products for a week or tidy their flats. Someone likes to sit on the sofa in front of a TV set, read a book, play computer games or just have a good sleep. It's very important to have a good rest at weekends in order to work hard during a week.   




On weekdays all people work. Adults work in their offices, children study at school, students attend lessons at universities. Everyone has his own busines. Everybody solves his own problems and does his work. It's very difficult to wake up early especially in winter. It's very dark and cold outside. Many people hate their life at such moments. You want to sleep early in the morning. Many people have some problems with waking up. There are many cars on roads in the morning. People get stuck in traffic jams. There are many people in buses, trams and underground and everyone has an unhappy face. But a working day comes to its end and everyone hurries home. Pupils run home from school, play with other kids outside. Adults lose their time in traffic jams again but now their mood is better – they go home, go have some rest. In the evening both kids and adults love to watch TV or play computer games. But kids have to do their homework and it spoils their life and their parents'.  


Favorite movies and actors


We all love to watch a good movie. We watch movies at home and in the cinema, alone, with friends and family. Someone loves comedies, someone else loves horror movies and others love love stories, adventures and thrillers. Everyone has his own tastes and preferences. Often people's choise of a movie depends on their mood. Many of us have favorite movies which they have watched many times and don't mind seeing them once again. Many of us have favorite actors. Often a name of an actor makes us chose to watch this or that movie. The actor's performance in many cases defines a success of a movie. Of course these days special effects and a plot of a movie have a great significance and also the way how the movie was shot plays a great role. But a favorite actor on the screen for many of us is already a reason for our first interest to a movie. Nowadays famous actors are very well paid. But special effects and a professional camera work don't cost cheap either. So it's very expensive to make a good movie these days. People love movies because they help us to plunge into an imagenary world, so different from our own and get distructed from our daily problems.  

 Not all people love going to picture galleries and are interested in art in general. But of course there are people who are fond of it. I am not a true fan of art but I can call myself an amateur. That means I visit picture galleries when I have a mood for it. Sometimes when it is cold or rainy and I want to go out but the weather stops me from walking I tend to end up in such a place. And believe me or not I love it! We all sometimes need to distract ourselves from the routine of daily life problems and dive into an imaginery world. Of course we can read books, play computer games or watch a movie for that but sometimes we need something more exquisite and deep not just for entainment and pleisure but also for thinking over some important things, cause every work of art is all about thinking and analising. So I go to picture galleries once every month or every two months. That's enough for me. But after each visit I feel perfect. It helps me to calm down and gives me real peisure. As for my favorite artists, you know, I love old Russian school. I mean Surikov, Serov, Repin and so on. I don't like modern art cause to my mind it's completely useless and just rubbish. All these squares, triangels, cubs of different colours provide me no information and ideas to think about although may be such art works may look interesting.  We have many museums in every city of Russia. And we have people who like going there. They go there out of natural curiosity baecause there are usually strange and rare things in museums. Museums help us to better understand our life, place where we live, its history and culture. There are also museums which are specialised on science, literature and even ancient tortures. So visiting them can be interesting and it develops our outlook. Such places should be in your activity list when you travel. It will help you to better understand the city where you go and will add impressions to your trip. But I think it's also important to go to museums in your own town. I believe that for kids visiting museums is a must do thing cause it educates them, teaches new things, helps them to better understand this world and encurages to explore it. But museums can teach not only kids but aso adults and can help us start thinking about things we have never known and thought about and eventually develop our outlook and creativity.
 People like entertainments and all of them chose different types. So tastes are different. Theaters are very popular especially in big cities where the level of public education is higher. In big cities more people like to educate themselves in their free time – read more books, but also go to museums, art and picture galleries and theaters. Of course it's interesting to watch movies at home. But seeing actors performing live is a completely different experience. When you are in a theater you feel yourself a part of a performance. Reality of your life changes and you dive into a new environment. Plays usually teach us something good having inner sence in their plot, educate us, make us think of things we've never thought about. Also when in the theater like at a concert you get a feeling of unity with the audience and actots cause you experience similar emotions. I personally prefer watching classic plays cause they tell me of a different era in our history. I like watching the life style, beautiful dresses, social habits and behavior of people from that distant past. For me going to a theater is a family event. I always go there with my relatives. And for us going to a theater is one more opportunity to meet and talk during an interval.  
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